Amul Franchise Business Opportunity: how to get Amul franchise

Amul Franchise

How to Open an Amul Franchise?

Start business with Amul with 2 lakh rupees and earn 5 lakhs every month, know how to open an Amul Franchise?

How to become an Amul Franchisee and start your own business? If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity, then we are going to tell you about such a unique business idea, by starting Amul Franchise, which you can earn money every month.

Amul Franchise is a big business opportunity at this time to do business. Amul is a company that makes dairy products and offering franchise. Taking Amul’s franchise is a profitable business idea and best deal.

Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited) is offering franchises without any royalty or profit sharing. The cost of Amul’s franchise is not very high. You can start your business with the investment of 2 lakh to 6 lakh rupees. It depends on the place.

How to get Amul franchise

Amul is offering two types of franchises. First Amul Outlet, Amul Kiosk’s Franchisee or Amul Railway Parlor and second is Amul Ice Cream Parlor’s Franchisee.

Amul franchise Cost & Fees

If you want to start Amul Parlor, then you have to invest minimum 2 lakh rupees (Rs 25,000 – Non-Refundable Brand Security, Rs 100,000 (approx.) for Renovation / Rs 70,000 (approx.) Equipments plus incidental cost..

If you are going for Amul Ice Cream Parlor franchise, then you will have to invest minimum 6 lakhs (Rs 50,000 Non-Refundable  Brand Security, Rs 4,00,000 (approx.) Renovation, Rs 1,50,000 (approx.) Equipments plus incidental cost..

You will have to be paid 25,000 rupees as non-refundable brand security only in form Of Cheque or Demand Draft issued in the name Of GCMMF Ltd during signing franchise agreement.

The payment is taken only after Our authorised representatives meet prospective partners in person and perform due verification processes.

The company is not taking any payment through RTGS/NEFT for Amul Parlour security deposit.

Dr. Verghese Kurien (AMUL), Milkman of India and Father of White Revolution in India

The company also provides additional retail margins, store inauguration supports, exclusive consumer offers, free brand signage, equipment purchase supports etc.

On taking an Amul outlet, the company pays a commission on the minimum selling price (MRP) of all Amul products. In this, 10 percent on milk products, 2.5 percent commission is available on 1 milk pouch, and 20 percent on ice cream.

50 percent commission is available on recipe based ice cream, sandwich, shake, pizza, hot chocolate drink on taking franchise of Amul Ice Cream Parlor.

20% commission is available on pre-packed ice cream and 10 percent on Amul products.

All recurring expenses such as shop rentals, electricity charges, employee cost etc. would be borne by the franchisee out of the gross retail margins earned.

If you want to take an Amul outlet franchise, then you need to have at least 150 square feet of space. At the same time, for the Amul Ice Cream Parlor franchise, you have to minimum 300 square feet of space.

How to apply for Amul Franchise

If you want to apply for Amul franchise then you have to contact to Amul’s official customer care number (022) 68526666 between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday or mail at

Amul franchise contact number

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Apart from this, for all types of information and enquiries about Amul Parlours and/or Amul Scooping parlours, you can visit official website at or Contact on Amul’s official customer care number 02268526666.