How To Get Personal Loans If The Credit History Is Not Good


How To Get Personal Loans If The Credit History Is Not Good

While a credit score is a three-digit numeric expression that lenders use to assess a borrower’s creditworthiness, there are many factors that contribute to the three-digit number.

A credit score ranging from 300 to 900 is a report card on one’s financial standing, with any score above 750 considered good, any score between 550 and 750 considered average, and any score below 550 considered poor or bad credit.

While getting personal loans with good credit is easy, getting personal loans with high-interest rates for an average or poor credit score is difficult. Below we’ll be talking about how to get personal loans with a low credit history.

The Role Of Credit Scores For Personal Loan Eligibility

The applicant’s credit score is one of the most important factors for personal loans. A person with a good credit score can easily qualify for a loan with a lower interest rate, a larger loan amount, and a longer repayment period.

Individuals with poor credit, on the other hand, have a difficult time qualifying for a personal loan. Even if the loan is approved, the interest rate and other loan terms are unfavorable.

Methods to Get A Personal Loan With A Bad Credit Score

There are some practical tips that can help you get a personal loan even if you have a low credit score. Despite a low credit score, there must be a few factors in your financial profile that are stronger. Some of the smart yet legitimate ways to get personal loans for people with bad credit

1. Good Earning Potential

If you have good earnings now or have good earning potential in the future, it shows that you have the ability to repay your loans. This can help you get your loan application approved even if you have a low credit score.

2. Get A Co-Applicant

Get your spouse or another family member on board if they have a good credit score. You can apply for a loan together, which increases your chances of getting it approved.

3. Ask For A Lower Personal Loan Amount

If you have a low credit score, your chances of getting a loan are small. Personal loans for bad credit are still possible if you request a lower personal loan amount. This reduces the risk of borrower default even further because the lender must provide a lower amount.

4. Settle With A Higher Rate Of Interest

Certain loan brokers like Personal Loan Pro connects borrowers with low credit scores to vast loan lenders. In these cases, the loan amount is relatively small, and the interest rate is higher.

If you need money right away, you should consider this option. You could also consider peer-to-peer lending, which is popular in the West but is gaining ground in India.

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5. Prove That You Can Afford The EMI

The lender considers income quickly after the credit score. One way to obtain personal loans for bad credit is to prove that you are eligible and capable of making the EMI payments. If you can persuade the lender that you have a regular and stable job, your chances of approval increase.

6. Get a Loan Against a Collateral

Even if your credit score is low, some lenders will approve your personal loan if you pledge collateral against it. These collaterals include stocks, real estate, fixed deposits, gold, and a variety of other assets.

7. Start Rectifying Your Credit Health

This will take some time, but it is the most effective way to avoid loan rejections in the long run. You can repay your existing debt, change your spending habits, make EMI payments on time, and pay your utility bills on time.

These are just a few of the small steps you can take to improve your credit. As a result, your credit score will improve and you will be more eligible for loans.

8. Correct The Mistakes On The Credit Report (If Any):

Sometimes, errors and mistakes on a credit report can result in a low credit score, limiting credit possibilities.

Once a year, review your free credit report online to check if there are any errors or mistakes that you need to report.

Documents Required When Applying For A Personal Loan For A Low Credit Score

You may be required to provide your lender with a few documents during the initial application and verification process, such as:

  • Driver’s license
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Address Proof
  • Bank statement for 6 months
  • Salary slip for 6 months

For Self-Employed Professionals/Businessmen

  • Company Registration Information
  • 3 years profit and loss statement
  • TIN/ Service Tax registration proof
  • 3 years balance sheet
  • ITR for the past 3 years.

Things to Pay Attention to When Applying for Personal Loans Online

Personal loans for people with bad credit are difficult to obtain, but they are not impossible. While most leading bankers are very particular about credit scores, there are some lenders who may be willing to negotiate credit terms in order to offer you a loan.

You can try various methods, such as negotiating terms with your existing lender, borrowing against a deposit, or taking out a loan against gold, among others.

Make sure that the loan you take does not throw your finances out of balance. Make sure you really need the money, and once you have it, be very careful about repaying it on time.

However, it is crucial to be cautious of predatory lenders who may take advantage of the opportunity by charging exorbitant interest rates or imposing terms and conditions that benefit them.

There may also be moneylenders from the unregulated sector who try to impose unjustified conditions on you.

You must only approach regulated lenders, stress the importance of having official documentation in place, and mutually agree on loan terms. In addition, you must insist on complete transparency on both ends.

The Conclusion

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