How To Get Your Customers To Trust You in Five Simple Ways

5 Reasons Customer Service is Important for Your Business

Trust may be one of the underlying characteristics of any relationship you have had over a long period of time, whether it is professional, personal, or romantic.

The rewards for gaining and maintaining customer trust are substantial, especially since a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 95%. Simply adding a few extra seconds to a customer’s experience can make their day.

Trust cannot be gained overnight – it takes time and is often a difficult journey. Whenever mistakes are made and dealt with ethically and honestly, trust is built. Intention also plays a large role when a relationship is established.

Trust is difficult to define and quantify, but it is essential to maintain a healthy business relationship as well as a healthy relationship with your clients.

When you wish to establish trust with your clients, you must put your own interests aside and allow them to feel at ease with you and your team.

Establishing trust will bear fruit that lasts beyond a single sale. Relationships built on trust lead to long-term business, which increases the likelihood that the client will refer you to their contacts. Speak considers each client as a partner and treats each as such. 

Covid-19 appears to have caused consumers to reassess their priorities when shopping online. Consumers today look for brands that are authentic, one that can be trusted to deliver on their promises as well as align with their own values.

A Lifestyle Survey conducted in 2020 discovered that 52% of respondents said they only bought goods from companies they trusted completely.

In light of the fact that a third of shoppers have expressed frustration regarding delivery issues since the pandemic, online shoppers are reacting with more disappointment and distrust. 

What Is Customer Trust And Why Is It Important?

In today’s business climate, it is crucial to understand how to build trust with clients. To achieve consumer trust and a loyal customer base, you must always go the extra mile for your customers. A company that fails to gain the trust of its clients must put in the effort needed to succeed.

These days, consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable, selective, and cynical about their purchases.

HubSpot research indicates that more than half of customers (55%) have less trust in companies than they used to. Certainly, it seems somewhat depressing at first glance.

It actually represents a golden opportunity if you flip it over. You will have a competitive advantage over your competitors if you provide a better customer experience than them.

According to HubSpot, 93 percent of customers would make a repeat purchase from a company that provides excellent customer service.

Building Trust With Customers 

You can enjoy a number of benefits from building trust in your brand, but it requires time and specific strategies. We have listed five of those strategies below:

1. Get Clear With Your Communication 

To establish trust, you have to begin by being transparent so that you can meet the requirements of your customers.

All sales copy and marketing must avoid exaggeration or oversimplification from the very beginning of your brand’s interactions.

Such an occurrence could result in alienating or overwhelming your target audience. For example, if you hide price on Magento 2 product page, customers are sure to get suspicious and will more likely not click on the “Add to Cart” button.

Clarifying your pricing and policies will allow you to build trust with your customers. It will serve as the foundation for your sales pipeline to loyal customers. 

The customer will be able to make an informed decision to go “all in” with your organization if they are aware of what to expect before they contact you. 

2. Make Yourself Available

Allow your customers to contact you and be available to them. You may begin to lose credibility if you do not respond to a customer’s question in a timely manner, or if there is no place for them to go to get their questions answered.

In order to maintain regular communication with his prospects and customers, James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness has developed several strategies.

He has employed a customer service team to respond to inquiries. The paid membership of his organization includes a forum where like-minded entrepreneurs regularly interact, as well as an annual event called SuperFastBusiness Live, where business owners can learn how to grow their online businesses.

The following are a few practical ways in which you, too, can make yourself available to your customers.

In addition to providing a point of contact for all inquiries, Schramko has started an online community and organized an event to support the brand’s advertisement. These actions may be of interest to you as well.

Additionally, you should think about setting up a proper customer-support infrastructure, using helpdesk software such as, and participating in conferences and events.

With these strategies, you will be able to respond to questions in person, which is an excellent way to increase your likeability and accessibility, as well as provide customer support.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customer loyalty and retention are directly linked to the quality of service you provide. As a result, it is vital that you hire dedicated support personnel and set high standards for the quality and speed of your services.

Be consistent with your responses when customers contact you with questions or problems. Establish a set of guidelines for your agents to follow that outlines appropriate answers to more common questions and ensures they have the tools necessary to handle complex inquiries.

Ensure that your customer service agents treat your customers as real people who need assistance rather than simply as customer tickets submitted to your help desk. Your objective should be to provide a service that is both efficient and consistent. 

When you exhibit exceptional customer service and relate to your customer’s interests, you demonstrate that your company cares enough about its customers to assist them with any issues they may experience with your product.

As a result, your customers will know that they are in good hands, and should any problems arise, your customer service team will be on hand to assist them at any time. 

4. Publication Of Customer Testimonials And Reviews

BigCommerce reports that 72% of consumers believe positive reviews and testimonials result in greater trust in a brand, and 88% regard online reviews as personal recommendations.

A company’s reputation is its most valuable asset. How likely is it that you would choose the business with zero reviews over the one with hundreds of favorable reviews? Absolutely.

Having your most enthusiastic brand advocates speak positively about your products and services will assist in placing your brand in a positive light. Almost always, consumers are more likely to trust other customers than companies. 

Testimonials and reviews from customers are evidence of the value your client’s place on your products and services. Positioning your brand as one that is favored among your peers is an effective marketing strategy.

When you run an e-commerce site, for example, encourage your customers to leave reviews which can then be added to the product page.

You might consider asking clients who have previously experienced your company’s service if they are willing to provide testimonials for your company. Afterward, you can post these testimonials on your website.

5. Offer loyalty Programs

Maintaining the trust of your customers and building long-term loyalty, in turn, requires that you financially reward them. Implementing a loyalty program is the easiest and most effective method of doing so.

The likelihood of new customers trying out your products is 50% higher among existing customers. Providing loyalty programs to existing customers who are already interested in your products will further strengthen their relationship with your company and demonstrate your appreciation for them.

Providing insider information, exclusive promotions, and special sales are examples of what can be offered. You may want to experiment with several programs to determine which most users prefer.

It takes time and resources to develop trust and loyalty among customers. In spite of that, these five steps will get you started in the right direction.

Whenever possible, keep in mind that your customers simply want to feel heard and appreciated, much as a friend would. You will be able to earn more trust and loyalty from your customers if you show them you value them.

Final Thoughts

A commitment to excellence is a necessary component of trust. By delivering the right results to the right people over a long period of time, they are going to come to trust and believe in your product and services.

Fostering customer trust cannot be achieved through shortcuts or secrets. Keeping your customers at the top of your priority list is quite straightforward.

Deliver high-quality products to them. Ensure that they receive personalized and responsive service. Remain honest, transparent, and authentic.

And communicate effectively – through your brand ambassadors, all forms of correspondence, and face-to-face communications. Building trust with customers begins with communication.

By following these logical steps or strategies, you can make sure that you are building a devoted following and increasing sales as a result.

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