How to Grow Instagram Followers Using Facebook Ads

Instagram Followers

Facebook Ads are the only legitimate method of purchasing genuine Instagram followers. Discover how to use Facebook Ads to grow your Instagram following and viewership.

Increasing your Instagram followers is advantageous for any business. If done correctly – avoid purchasing phony followers – your firm will gain exceptional brand awareness, increase online reputation, and the followers will easily convert to loyal consumers.

Relying on the same strategies, such as hashtags and influencers, to Large Selection Of Followers has gotten increasingly difficult; competition is fierce.

It’s easier to get lost in the platform’s deluge with over one billion active Ig users publishing content. You must work more intelligently by implementing excellent social media marketing techniques.

Utilizing Fb marketing tools to retarget your Instagram audience is one method to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Are you ready to learn the steps? Find out how to use Facebook Advertising to increase your Instagram follower count.

Several Significant Advantages of Genuine Instagram Followers:

  • You can communicate with your audience consistently.
  • Contributes to increased sales.
  • Introduce your new products/services.
  • Increase your visitors at the lowest possible cost per click.
  • Analyze your target audience and tailor your material to their interests.
  • Execute a remarketing campaign.
  • Invest in (Can do Influence Marketing)

Why Is It Important to Have Genuine Instagram Followers?

There are numerous outside techniques for acquiring Large Selection Of Followers to improve your influence marketing, but doing so would almost certainly harm your name/brand.

Get 1000 Instagram followers in just 2 minutes

While acquiring new genuine followers is a time-consuming procedure, it is permanent. They have existed for a long period and may continue to surprise you in the future.

Retargeting on Social Media Using Facebook Ads.

Retargeting is a form of social media marketing that allows you to promote on Instagram to your Engagement Audiences (Facebook Custom Audiences).

Advertising to bespoke audiences is a highly effective strategy for businesses to grow their Instagram following.

To take advantage of Instagram retargeting, though, you must have a business account.

However, what exactly are Facebook Custom Audiences?

These are social media users who, when grouped using Facebook marketing tools, exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Interact with one of your posts, videos, or advertisements
  • Visit your Instagram business profile.
  • Visit and make use of your website or mobile application.
  • Customers that have already purchased products through your online channels or used your online services, i.e. existing customers.

Their memories of your services and products are still fresh, making them an ideal audience for social media advertising.

Consider how to carry out the entire procedure.

#1 Developing a Custom Audience:

To begin, you must develop custom audiences depending on the many ways in which Instagram users have interacted with your account.

Connect to your Facebook Ad Manager account. Go to the Audiences panel, click the “Create Audience button,” and then choose Custom Audience from the drop-down menu next to it. Following that, you’ll get a range of Custom Audience Types. Select the option for Engagement.

Numerous Engagement Options will be accessible. Here, you must select the audience for retargeting. Among the options are users who have:

  • Viewed Your Videos
  • Paid a visit to your Facebook page.
  • Betrothed with your Lead Generation Ads
  • Engaged with Your Instagram profile, posts, or advertisements

#2 Retargeting Users Who Viewed Your Videos:

Unsuspecting viewers can readily become followers. They’ve previously expressed an interest in your video material and are therefore capable of paying attention to everything you advertise. Users can be added to Custom Audiences depending on their watch time.

Among the possibilities are the following: those who have viewed your video.

  • Three additional seconds
  • a minimum of ten seconds
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 95%

 #3 Retargeting Audiences Who Interacted With Your Lead Generating Ads:

The following choices apply when remarketing Lead Forms based on the type of Engagement:

  • Users that have accessed the lead generation forms on your Instagram
  • Those that opened and completed the lead form on Instagram
  • Users who accessed your Instagram lead form but did not complete it

#4 Retargeting Your Instagram Audience That Has Interacted With Your Profile:

These are the individuals who were captivated by your content and took the time to explore your profile.

They were only one click away from becoming your followers; therefore, it’s critical to retarget them. Among the retargeting choices are the following:

  • Each person who has interacted with your Instagram profile and content, such as posts and advertisements
  • Individuals who have viewed your profile
  • Users who have interacted with your content or advertisements by actions such as liking, commenting, saving, hitting call-to-action buttons, and sharing advertisements and posts via direct messaging.
  • Individuals that have communicated with your company account
  • Users who have bookmarked your advertisements or organic posts

After configuring your retargeting parameters, you should provide the time frame for the Custom Audience.

To save, enter a name and hit on Create Audience. It’ll immediately populate accounts and save them to the Assets Library area.

#5 Create Facebook Ads:

  • Finally, configure the Ad to target the Custom Audience.
  • Create a new campaign and ad set first.
  • Return to the Facebook Ad Manager and click the Create Campaign button.
  • Select Traffic and Conversions as the objectives.
  • Scroll down to Custom Audiences.
  • Choose the formerly created Custom Audience.
  • Complete the remaining configuration choices for your advertisement.
  • Launch your advertisement

Now, sit back and relax to observe how social media advertising might increase your followers.

The Bottom Line on Using Facebook Ads to Grow an Instagram Following:

Regrettably, there is no automatic way to grow an Instagram audience using Facebook ads. But with a little ingenuity, everything is possible.

Always monitor for new Facebook Ads changes; this strategy, while effective, is a workaround for acquiring genuine Instagram followers.

Impact of Instagram on the success of women entrepreneurs

While many sites provide genuine Instagram followers to some extent, you can never be certain whether these followers are genuine.

A genuine follower is not just a human but a person who is genuinely interested in your profile and what it has to offer.

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And, for the time being, Facebook Ads are the only legitimate way to get Instagram followers, which you now know how to accomplish.