How to Grow Your Business Revenue Using Chatbots in 2022?


Did you know 88% of internet users have interacted with a chatbot at least once in their life? It is a surprise to many.

Chatbots are smart, artificially intelligent, and responsive robots. They communicate with your customer when they have questions. When implemented in the business, the bots save you time, effort, and money.

These chatting robots have also become a prominent trend in the e-commerce industry. They help businesses cater to more customers with FAQs, lead generation, and engagement.

Besides what’s obvious, we will tell you how a chat robot streamlines your business process. We will also examine the value these chatbots add to your growth revenue.

5 Practical Ways Chatbots Help Your Business Grow

AI chatbots are not a new introduction in the customer support industry. They have been here since the 1960s. Now, they are smarter and everywhere. It’s profitable for businesses, and customers love it.

Gartner’s study found that around 70% of users will interact with a chat robot in 2022. This means more users will get premium customer service from their respective businesses. AI chatbots are becoming a trend as businesses become more aware of what their customers want.

Today’s customer base is more interested in time-saving procedures. Teleconferencing, live chat, and instant messaging with brands are some to name. Businesses that integrate these tools are ahead of the curve in their consumers’ eyes.

Considering how fast the market changes, it’s time you take a close look at the business trends.So, let’s look at five practical ways that show how a chatbot’s potential can contribute to your business’ growth.

1.   It Strengthen Customer Relationship

Today’s customer needs round-the-clock and quick help when they are stuck in a process or need answers. Human customer service representatives can be slower and non-attentive sometimes.

Robots are becoming better with NLP (natural language processing) capabilities. The bots are there to interact through text or speech, with humans, like humans. This is why 40% of online users want robot help instead of a human’s.

Starbucks, British Airways, Linkedin, and others have shown interest in using chatbots. It’s one of their and many other businesses’ customer retention strategies.

2.   AI Chatbots Boost Sales

Customers take their time before they make a buying decision. They prefer knowing everything about a business prior to the investment. In such a situation, chatbots become the ultimate savior through live chat features.

Many e-commerce businesses believe they can boost sales with a Shopify chatbot. By collecting data for sales analysis. The bots help solve customers’ confusion and immediately give them what they need. There are smart chatbots that let customers add items directly to the cart with a message.

Chatbots also recommend their desired products based on their liking and preference to users. This factor has made chatbots an essential component for sales and lead generation.

3. Cut Costs

The Chatbot industry is to reach a high of $10.5 billion by 2026 because more businesses recognize the importance of the technology. It’s cost-saving.

If a business chooses to use the Shopify chatbot, it will save money on manual resources. Also, on the damage repair caused by lack of attention.

A chatbot handles all customer-centric services for your business. The chatbot takes care of everything from marketing to resolving sales issues. They let you scale your business without adding to extra costs. You don’t have to hire a customer service representative or an HR person when you have a chatbot.

Your customers can reach the bot anytime, and it’s there to respond. The responsiveness results in customer retention and contributes to error-free business-related operations.

4. Promote Business Marketing

There are two effective ways to promote your business to a broader scale of audiences. One is traditional, tried, and true content marketing services. It’s done through SEO and correct resource usage. The other is AI-powered chatbots.

Content marketing takes a bit of time to show results. Chatbots are all about automating online business procedures in less time than usual. The bots are there in real-time and communicate with your visitor through NLP.

A chatbot helps with conversational marketing initiatives through immediate responses to customer requests. They can turn your leads into customers in no time. The technique provides all the necessary information in an instant.

5. Increase Team Productivity

Your customer support and marketing team have tons of tasks to do every day. Doing the sales analysis or coming up with responses to customer requests takes most of their time. If you use a chatbot, this team can invest this time elsewhere. Chatbots take the pressure of being present away from them.

Most on-line chat conversation software are now smart enough to engage with customers as humans. They are equipped with human language through sentiment intelligence.

The bits judge the user’s intent and respond to them. The response is so natural that most users can’t even judge if it’s a bot.

Once the bots have taken care of repetitive tasks, you can redirect the manual intelligence and effort to more intensive tasks. Doing so also relaxes your staff’s mind so they can focus on fresher ideas.

On-line chat conversation softwares are solving bigger problems for scaling businesses. They will take care of your staff and your customers on equal terms.

At the same time, your customer will like you for superior customer support. And, your team will like that they are not pushed into tedious day-to-day tasks.


The world is changing every day. It can be intimidating for businesses to compete with market giants. This doesn’t mean you start relying on artificial intelligence to succeed.

Instead, you have to support your human resources with less workload. This way, they can support the business to the best of their potential.

On-line chat conversation software are a great solution in this situation. More and more businesses are making the switch toward AI live chat.

You can do the same and win your fair share of the market by offering unparalleled customer services. Before you choose to invest, make sure the chatbot aligns with your budget and business goals.

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