Here’s How to Handle Medical Emergency Situations


How to Handle Medical Emergency Situations

A medical emergency is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate intervention. These emergencies may require the assistance of another qualified person, as some emergencies such as cardiovascular (cardiac), respiratory and gastrointestinal, cannot be managed on their own.

As a first contact care provider, a general practitioner can experience any type of emergency. Asthma attacks, myocardial infarction, anaphylaxis, hypoglycemic coma, convulsions, head trauma, and trauma are commonly encountered by the general practitioner. Below is the guide to handling medical emergencies efficiently:

Heart Attack/Chest Pain:

When the coronary heart does not get the blood it needs, cells break and the coronary heart muscle dies from loss of oxygen. When a massive component of cells dies, it is going to cause a coronary heart assault.

The first signs of a heart attack are aches and pain inside the chest area. In addition, shortness of breath, disillusioned stomach, fainting, sweating, neck, jaw, or shoulder ache might also occur.

Symptoms are specific in men and women. Men might additionally enjoy bloodless sweats and might experience aches in their left arm. Usually, women are inclined to shortness of breath, stomach ache, dizziness, and fatigue.

Do not forget about those signs and symptoms. Survival is feasible if the affected person is provided medical assistance within 90 mins.

Before the individual receives to the hospital, an aspirin can lessen the chance of blood clots forming. Allow the affected person to take a seat down in a cushy position.

Hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can double the probabilities of survival if respiratory is not always regular or the affected person is unresponsive.

Traumatic head injury:

Traumatic head damage takes place when an item hits difficult in the head. It is a risky condition, which wishes to be dealt with immediately.

Otherwise, it can result in mind harm or mental dysfunction. Symptoms encompass nausea, headache, dizziness, lack of cognizance for a while or a kingdom of misunderstanding or reminiscence loss.

Sensory troubles encompass ringing inside the ears, blurring of vision, modifications in flavour and smell, and photophobia. Immediately call for medical assistance.

Then take a look at the person’s airways, respiration and blood circulation. If required, begin with the CPR.

If unconscious, do now no longer flow to the sufferer until scientific assistance has arrived. If it bleeds, firmly press one or more clothes on the wound.

Burns and Scalds:

Burns may be triggered thru dry warmness together with hearth place or warm metallic or touch with an item charged with an excessive anxiety electric powered current or friction with a revolving wheel or fast-shifting rope.

Additionally, chemical burns arise with corrosive chemical substances like acids and alkalis. A scald is damaged because of wet warmness, like boiling water, steam, warm oil or tar.

The outcomes of a burn or a scald are the same. There can be reddening of the pores and skin or blister formation or destruction of the pores and skin or the deeper tissues.

The regions of maximum burns and scalds, such as the clothing, are sterile for a quick period, and efforts ought to be made to hold them till a clinical resource is available.

In case of a first-rate burn, circulate the affected person to the medical institution as fast as possible. The affected person will likely require an anesthetic, so do not supply any oral medicines.

Heat Stroke:

Stroke is some other clinical emergency wherein the mind cells die because of insufficient blood supply.

This may be both because of hemorrhages (immoderate bleeding) or because of ischemia (blockage of the vessels because of clots).

The signs of stroke encompass:

  • Speech weakness – there may be slurring of speech or a complete absence of speech despite being awake
  • Facial weakness – drooping of mouth and one or each of the eyes, incapability to grin or display expressions
  • Arm weakness – incapability to raise the hands or maybe preserve them in place, numbness can be found in both of the hands. Other signs encompass blurring of vision, excessive headache, dizziness and unexpected fall.
  • Call an emergency ambulance right away in case you note those signs, as remedy desires to be furnished inside 3-4 hours for the survival of the victim.


A convulsion or seizure is an uncontrolled, fast and rhythmic shaking of the muscle mass because of repeated contraction and relaxation. It takes place because of the extraordinary electric impulses inside the brain.

The maximum vital signs and symptoms consist of shaking of the whole body, drooling or frothing on the mouth, behavioral changes, extraordinary eye movements, grunting, snorting, and clenching of the teeth.

Most seizures are prevented on their own after a few times. The first resource for convulsions ought to aim at stopping similarly harm or harm and retaining airways.

Do not hold the sufferer to suppress the shaking movements for a longer duration. Lay down the individual to save you from falls.

Remove any gadget gift round to shield the head. Loosen the garb particularly close to the neck. Reassure the sufferer till recuperation or a clinical crew arrives.


There are many species of animals and bugs that sting or bite. In maximum cases, the first useful resource for stings and bites includes dressing and staying with the affected person till assistance arrives.

Reassuring the man or woman and maintaining them nevertheless will assist to stop the poison from spreading to different components of the body.

Never reduce the wound or bandage the affected area. Seek emergency clinical assistance at once and notify them of the situation.

In the case wherein the affected person collapses or stops breathing, practice CPR till clinical employees arrive.

Never delay in providing first aid in medical emergencies. Identify warning symptoms and provide appropriate and prompt assistance to save their lives.

You can always ask someone else for help while helping the victim or call up the 24-hours ambulance service provider & help save a life.

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