Maintenance Guide: How to Keep Your Car in Excellent Condition

Maintenance Guide How to Keep Your Car in Excellent Condition

Every car owner cannot deny the value that their vehicle brings to them. This makes sense, since owning a car allows us to be more mobile and effective than ever before, whether that is travelling for fun or business.

Most people think that they understand their car until something breaks down. That’s when all hell breaks loose; what was once a trusty vehicle is now a dangerous machine that can jeopardize the safety of others.

The problem is that car maintenance is the only way to avoid such critical malfunctions. However, people still do not plan regular periodic car maintenance.

There is a general belief that car maintenance is a rip off and that it doesn’t pay off. The reality is that proper car maintenance is preventive in nature and it can end up costing you less.

In order to eliminate this false belief, it is important to elucidate some misconceptions about car maintenance and to highlight some of the most important things to look out for. Also, there are many websites from where you can buy car maintenance parts at fair prices which helps to keep your car in good condition.

On top of that many developed countries such as Australia, require you to have regular car inspection anyways, so why not prepare in advance. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your car in excellent shape.

Check your tyres

Car tyres are also susceptible to various external factors which you cannot directly change. Sooner or later, you will encounter bad terrain.

That is why it is important to frequently check your tyres for any punctures or tears. The problem with tyres is that they are not only susceptible to such immediate risks.

They are also prone to long term wear and tear. In fact, you are more likely to experience tears when you don’t have enough tread on your tyres.

Refill fluids

Keeping your car filled with essential fluids is really important. Change your engine oil if you want to keep your engine in perfect condition. This will also get rid of any metal and abrasive dirt particles out of the engine. Just make sure to not overfill the crankcase.

Protect the car’s body

Your car’s external appearance is not just about making your car look good. The car’s body also has an important protective role to play.

This is important in countries like Australia where there are many rough roads outside the city area, which cause road rash and abrasions to the paintwork.

A strong fully protected car’s body is going to keep everything inside the car safe. This is a way of ensuring structural integrity of your vehicle.

You don’t want to see important car parts hanging off under your car just because you missed a rusty area.

If you notice any rusty spots, don’t wait any longer and look for professional car customisation in Sydney, where you can apply strong protective film on your car and make your car’s body much more resistant. Now you can upgrade both the longevity and the look of your vehicle in one go.

Where and when you refuel matters

When people think of car maintenance, they usually tend to think about the car parts. However, there are very subtle things that can affect the lifetime of your car.

Most of these are external and that takes a little bit more precaution that what people are used to. This mostly comes down to buying proper gas.

It is a good idea to ask the gas station personnel whether the gas is filtered at the pump, as well as if they have a frequent filter maintenance policy.

If the answer turns out to be assuring enough or you hear generally good reviews from others, you should stick to that gas station.

It is quite commonly the case that many gas stations do not have pump filters, which means that the low-quality gas could damage your car.

One more thing to know about gas is that you want to avoid refueling your car if you see a gas tanker at the station.

This means that the newly arrived gas did not settle yet, and that the sediment is stirred up, which could end up in your engine and severely damage it.

Change your spark plugs

One more easy-to-do maintenance step is to replace spark plugs. When inspecting the plugs make sure that they have no signs of melting, no indication of wear or deposits and that there is a light brown electrode and an insulator on them.  

Many car owners underestimate the importance of car maintenance. However, there are many simple things you can do right now in order to prolong your car’s life.

Check your tyres frequently, change your engine oil, protect your car’s body, choose a reputable gas station and make sure that your spark plugs are working well.  

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