How to make a style statement with a simple kitchen wall tiles design?

Tushar Mistry TMDS

By Mr. Tushar Mistry, Principal Architect of Tushar Mistry Design Studio

Gone are the days when kitchen was a humble part of the home where the women would go to just cook.

Today kitchen is a central part of the family conversations and bonding. With a focus on bigger kitchens with open space and the capacity to accommodate sitting areas and furniture, kitchen has become the most important room of any house.

It is hence a daunting task to select the aesthetics of such an important part of your home. Consumers are now spoilt for choice regarding their kitchens aesthetics.

Modern, traditional or mid-century, whatever layout one chooses, proper selection of cabinet finishes, flooring, wall colors and tiles selection has to make the whole unit look seamless.

Kitchen tiles is not only an aesthetic but a very functional and practical element in one’s kitchen. The walls are often stained with liquids and food that splashes while cooking.

Indian kitchens are used every day and have to be planned studier because of the exposure to fumes, moisture, multiple users etc. 

Tiles behind the cooking area should specially be low-maintenance and resilient to everyday wear and tear as compared to the rest of the décor.

The size, color options and variations all depend on the size of one’s kitchen. The color selection of tiles also heavily depends upon the amount of natural light that the space receives.

If it is a small kitchen one should stick to a single color and textures otherwise it all looks a bit overdone.

The larger kitchens can be divided into sections and tiles in 2-3 different colors and textures can be juxtaposed in a beautiful symmetry.

Compact kitchens look good with smaller prints and motifs, while larger kitchens can be decorated with bolder patterns.

To make this selection simple stick to a theme and a colour scheme depending on the other décor and kitchen platform colour.

A trick to make a smaller kitchen look spacious is by choosing the same colored tiles as that of the kitchen platform. The continuation of the background tiles gives it an illusion of a bigger space.

Some of the trending materials for kitchen tiles are ceramic, granite, natural stone, and glass. Ceramic is made of clay and is glazed for a hard-looking surface.

They are easier to install. Porcelain tiles are harder and denser than ceramic tiles and can withstand humidity and heat.

They require high proficiency during installation due to their hardness. Natural stone tiles are granite and marble; however, they are the most expensive amongst the whole catalogue.

The design selection in tiles nowadays is exhaustive. From classic colors like white blue, sky blue, creams to dramatic colors like navy blue, dark green and black and red have seen a rise in recent years.

Simple floral designs or food motifs are still very popular. Other popular prints currently trending like Moroccan, Spanish, chevron, mosaic, fish scale, terrazzo, honeycomb, 3D designs are being used to turn different kitchens into vibrant and colorful spaces.

Brick looks and mixed metallic tiles are also a very popular. For cleaning a tile surface, you can sweep or dust them regularly.

Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and avoid using steel wool and pads as this can damage the upper layer. Reseal the tiling as and when required.

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