How to Make Office Chair Higher?

Office Chair

Office chairs come with different height adjustment options to provide a higher comfort level to users. Do you know how to make office chairs higher by using different options?

The office worker spends most of his time sitting on an office chair. Usually, the office chairs are made to target many individuals with the average physical build.

But for, individuals with bigger bodies and physical appearance can adjust their office chair height with different available options.

Today’s most common option is changing the office chair by a lever. More options include thread adjustments, placing cushions, etc.

An office chair height adjustment is also crucial for your physical health. Wrong sitting position and posture can severely affect your back, neck, and shoulders.

Modern research shows that a good sitting position and posture can prevent these unhealthy physical conditions.

The correct heightened position enables a person to work longer hours and avoid fatigue. The modern agronomics techniques show when a person is sitting on an office chair.

The chair height is adjusted so that his feet are leveled with the floor; his knees are aligned and not as wide open as his hip bones. This position is not achievable if the office chair height is adjusted correctly.

Here, you will find the right way to get the right chair height, letting you work for long hours without getting tired!

Things to Keep in Mind

A person should keep in mind a few things before making height adjustments. And how much height is needed to work correctly is one of them. The answer is pretty simple.

Just measure the size of your desk and align it with your sitting position. If it’s right, there is no need; if it requires adjustment, adjust the office chair height accordingly.

An ideal sitting position for an office person is sitting straight, shoulders are not inverted much, his arms are rightly and comfortably placed on the desk, his chin is slightly down, and his neck is straight.

Keep in mind this sitting posture once can make changes in office chair height.

Types of Chairs

Determine the type of chair you are using. There are generally three types of chairs. One comes with a threaded post.

In this type of chair, you don’t need any specific tools or skills to adjust it. The second type of chair is the lever height adjustment chair.

In this type, you change the chair’s height with the help of a lever; it’s an easy and more convenient type of chair. It does not require any tools and skills to adjust it.

The third ones are those which came without these two options. They need tools and skills to change their height and tweak them.

How to Make Office Chair Higher?

There are multiple ways to make your office chair higher. Let’s discuss them one by one for better understanding.

Using Office chair Lever:

The most common and easy way to adjust your office chair height is through the lever. In almost every modern office chair, there is an adjustment lever present at the side bottom of the chair.

You can pull or push the lever to adjust your office chair height. Usually, the lever is attached to a hydraulic cylinder, which changes accordingly.

By Replacing Hydraulic Cylinder

Another way to adjust chair height is by changing the existing hydraulic cylinder. As you know, the hydraulic cylinder is responsible for the required size.

A standard cylinder goes up to 5 inches. But if more height is required, then this cylinder is replaceable by an 8-inch cylinder. Turn the chair upside down, pull the chair’s base, and separate it from its body to replace a cylinder.

It will be divided now; pull the old cylinder out from the cylinder support that connects the chair body to the wheelbase.

Install the newer, more extended cylinder pressure by adjusting and clicking the chair’s body with the base.

By Installing new Casters:

Another simple and easy method to increase the height of the office chair is to install the new casters.

A wide range of wheels is available for an office chair that can quickly increase the size of the chair by 2-3 inches. These are readily available online and on any hardware store.

To change them, you need home tools like screwdrivers, pliers, etc. Just remove the old casters with the help of pliers or screwdrivers, install the new required ones and tight them using a caster pin or pivots or screws.

By Adjusting Threaded Post:

Mostly some retro office chairs come with a threaded post. These threads are used to adjust the height of the chair accordingly. For changing the thread post:

  1. Turn the chair upside down.
  2. Hold the chair firmly in a way that only the thread post is movable.
  3. Ride the wheelbase anti-clockwise to move the bar up or down.
  4. Once your desired height is achieved, tighten the threaded rod.
  5. Repeat the process if more adjustment is needed.
  6. Do lubricate the threads for smoother and easier adjustment.

By Placing a Wooden Piece under Chair Baseplate:

This method requires a little bit of skill. Suppose you are interested in DIY projects, then that is fine for you.

It’s a non-conventional method and usually for older chairs. It requires wooden plates 2 to 4 inches thick with holes that are according to the base plate.

Firstly you need to detach the chair’s base from the wheelbase i: e separating the upper part from the lower leg.

Now make the measurements of the base plate and cut the wooden pieces according to them. Once the cutting is done, make holes for screws.

These holes must align with the base plate holes. Now place the wooden sheets, adjust them, make sure that holes are aligned, and attach their wheelbase.

Now take longer screws, attach the lower and upper end of the chair and tight them together with the help of a screwdriver. Make sure to check the chair thoroughly before sitting on it.

By Placing a Cushion:

You can also increase the height of your office chair by simply placing a cushion on your seat. The pillow can be standard like we use in our homes, but its longevity depends on the material used in making it.

The other more reliable option is to place a padded cushion that is created especially for office chairs. It is more reliable and made in a way to keep your sitting position and posture intact.

By Using Height Extension Kit:

The convenient and easy method to increase your office chair height is to install an extension kit. These kits come as a whole.

You need to install them. They also have additional ring support for your feet in case of increased height.

These are readily available both online and from the hardware store. You have to detach the older wheelbase and replace them with these height extension kits.

By placing a wooden platform:

This method is the most unusual way to increase the height. If you have space and it is okay with the overall aesthetics of your working environment, then place a wooden platform under your chair.

Buy a New Bigger chair:

If all these methods are not feasible for you or you tried them and failed to achieve the desired result, you should buy a bigger and better chair with more options.

New chairs are expensive when compared to tweaking them with the methods discussed above. But if one has no budget issue, they can go with this option.

Modern Solutions:

Modern research shows that the person should change its position or posture every 20 mins for 20 sec. It will allow the muscles and body to relax.

Keeping the same position for more than 20 mins makes the body and muscles stiff. Changing position improves not only work efficiency but also helps a person to work for longer hours. Now movable and height-adjustable tables/desks are also available in the market.

If a person sits for too long, wants to relax, or changes their position, these desks provide an option to work in a standing position.

You only need to adjust the desk’s height, and you can work in an upright position. Office spaces are becoming more and more innovative with time.


There are multiple ways to adjust the height of office chairs. When prices increase, these methods provide better and more economical solutions to solve this problem.

A person should also know about modern agronomics techniques and how they help to improve and build healthy sitting habits.

A person should read and learn before making these height adjustments because a minor tweak can lead to a bigger problem in the long term.

Correct sitting position and posture help a person work longer hours and improve his efficiency and health at the same time.

Minor adjustments make a huge difference; similarly, small habits lead to better results. Better sitting habits with correctly adjusted office chairs can bring better results.

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