How to Make Temporary Tattoos Look Real with Pen?

Temporary Tattoos

How to Make Temporary Tattoos Look Real with Pen?

Getting different tattoos inked on the skin has become the latest trend nowadays. Most people wish to flaunt their skin or body parts with stylish tattoo designs and patterns. They believe it to be a cool way to enhance their personality and their overall look.

Tattoo art has become popular because many famous personalities, public figures, heroes, heroines, TV artists, celebrities, and people in Bollywood wish to wear tattoos.

It solely depends on you what type of tattoo you would like to wear on your skin. There are a variety of tattoo designs like black work tattoos, line work tattoos, spiritual tattoos, traditional, neo-traditional tattoos, and many more.

Here, in this article, we will let you know how to make temporary tattoos look like real tattoos with the use of the pen. Scroll down to know more.

Steps to Make Temporary Tattoos with Pen

It might be painful to get a tattoo inked with a machine or needle on your skin. That is why some people fulfill their wish by getting a temporary tattoo on their skin. However, it will look like a real tattoo and it is an easy and comfortable way to get a tattoo.

  • First, it is important to collect the tools that you will require getting a temporary tattoo with a pen on your skin. These tools include your custom tattoo design, a pen, a shaving razor, shaving cream, rubbing alcohol, cotton pads, translucent powder, and a finishing spray.
  • Second, ensure that there will be no hairs present on the area where you wish to ink the temporary tattoo. Apply an appropriate amount of shaving cream to the respective area and gently shave it.
  • After shaving, clean the area using rubbing alcohol on cotton pads. Then, allow that area to dry nicely. This process will allow your tattoo to stick properly to your skin.
  • Draw your custom temporary tattoo design on tracing paper and fill it with the ink of your gel pen. Ensure that you have filled the ink properly with the tattoo design, not leaving any space in it.
  • Place the paper in an upside-down position on the required area of your skin. Wet a piece of cloth or a sponge with lukewarm water.
  • Hold the tracing paper on the required area with a wet piece of cloth or wet sponge tightly with as much pressure as you could apply to it. Hold it for 1 to 2 minutes at least.
  • Then, slowly remove or peel the tracing paper away from your skin. If you notice any difficulty while removing the tracing paper, then hold it for a few more seconds. Take your time in order to not damage the temporary tattoo.
  • Finally, your temporary tattoo is ready, and it is fully attached to your skin.
  • For giving a matte finish to your temporary tattoo, you need to sprinkle it with translucent powder. After that, fix it by using a finishing spray over it.

In this way, you can ink a temporary tattoo using a gel pen and it would surely look like a real tattoo after following all the above steps.

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