How to Manage Influencers Who Work For Your Brand

How to Manage Influencers Who Work For Your Brand

Working with influencers is a good way to reach more people. No matter what you sell, your reach can only extend so far.

Between your personal and professional social media accounts, you may only see a few people liking your pages every day.

Influencers can reach thousands of people with a single post and encourage them to visit your page and try your products.

The work isn’t over once you pick a few influencers though. You also need to learn how to manage and keep track of the work they do for you.

Design a Process

You cannot expect to just pick an influencer and ask them to recommend your company. Most influencers work in one of two ways.

The first is with a payment system. You pay them for each post they make. This is a good way to attract new influencers who aren’t sure how the process works because they don’t charge as much as experienced influencers do.

As their popularity grows, you can expect their prices to rise, too. The other method of payment is a discount code.

You give the influencer a promotional code that they share online and give them a portion of each sale made via that link.

Let Them Know What You Want

A common mistake made by some business owners is that they don’t let their influencers know what they want or expect from them.

You need to set clear expectations and let them know that you’re not afraid to terminate the relationship if they can’t deliver.

You might ask them to focus on engagement, which means getting potential customers to your site and liking your posts or leaving comments. Influencers can also drive traffic to your site and get people talking about your products or help you increase sales.

Treat Them With Respect

The way you treat the people who work for and with you can help your business grow or cause you to lose customers.

One of the dangers of working with influencers is that they have a lot of influence over their followers. If you are late paying them or try to pay them less than you promised, they might speak out against your computer and turn followers against your brand.

You should treat every influencer with respect. Pay them the right amount on time and do not make them do things that make them uncomfortable.

Know When to Walk Away

As a business owner, your bottom line matters the most. You should not be afraid to walk away from a relationship that doesn’t benefit you.

Would you let an employee keep working for you if they didn’t do any work and came in late every day?

Finding the right influencers early on is helpful as it lets you establish long-term relationships that benefit both of you.

Using influencer campaign management software is a good way to see what benefits you get from each person, but it also lets you know when you need to terminate your contract because it isn’t working out.

Keep Track of Results

It’s impossible to know how much an influencer campaign will help you unless you keep track of the results and monitor them.

The right software helps because it lets you pick the areas that matter the most to you. Whether you want to increase engagement on your page or get more/bigger sales, the software shows you what each influencer delivers.

You can see how many people followed their links to your page and the total number of sales they made for you.

Keeping track of your results is also a smart way to learn what works and what doesn’t work, which lets you know what you can do differently in the future.

Work With Influencers

Working with social media influencers is one of the best ways to reach people that you cannot reach on your own.

Nearly every company in the world partners with men and women on Instagram and other sites to sell everything from clothing and accessories to home decor and event tickets.

You need to give your influencers creative license to do what works for them, even if it’s not a choice you would make.

It’s equally important that you know how to manage brand influencers with methods such as keeping track of their results and designing the right process.

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