How to Nail Your Sales Presentation and Pitches

How to Nail Your Sales Presentation and Pitches

Selling a good idea, service or product is not as easy as you think. A small problem in your sales pitch can turn potential investors and clients off.

You need to be ready, know the right words to say, and how to say them. With these attributes, you will nail a sales pitch.

Research on Your Prospects

You must be having a full understanding of what you are selling, but do you know the people you will be selling it to?

Do you know what these people need? Do you know how they talk? Take time to research your prospects. Understand what their problems are and aim at providing them with solutions.

If you will be presenting the pitch to an individual, knowing them at a personal level will give you some leverage.

Look up their social media and find out what they love. How does that relate to what you offer? Use this and shoot your shot. It is important to avoid getting too personal so, tread carefully with the information you will gather.

Prepare the Perfect Sales Presentation

Long gone are the days when salesmen walked around with many folders. Right now all you need is a laptop.

Create a nice presentation on Powerpoint that shows everything there is about what you are offering. There are five main parts of a sales presentation namely:

  • Introduction where the salesperson introduces herself and prepares the listeners for the presentation.
  • Introducing the problem and the solutions your product offers.
  • Going through the main selling points.
  • Invitation for questions.
  • Closing the sale and follow-up.

Prepare a good presentation that has everything you need. You should never walk into a conference room with a half-baked presentation.

Prepare early on and take time to practice how you will present it. Consider using a PowerPoint add in to help you create your presentation. You will spend less time creating the PowerPoint presentation giving you more time to get ready for the actual presentation.

Make it Short and Sweet

You could talk about your solutions all day but nobody is interested in hearing all that. Make a short powerful presentation. Avoid long ones that seem like lectures.

The people you will be pitching to have other things to do. Do not waste their time, lest you lose their concentration on the way.

Remember that if what you pitch succeeds, there will be future meetings. So, make a pitch that only contains the main information to grab the attention of the prospects without boring them.

To keep them engaged and focused on your presentation, mix text with images and videos.

Be Confident

This is the number one thing taught in sales training. Never forget it! If you are confident your listeners will listen to what you have to say.

On the other hand, a person who is not confident puts off potential prospects. Who would listen to someone they have no respect for?

It is normal to be nervous before a presentation but do not let it show. Talk eloquently even in the face of objection.

When asked questions, answer them with confidence. If unsure of what to say, steer the topic back to something you can talk about comfortably.

Your body language is as important as your verbal words. Maintain eye contact without appearing to be staring, use gestures to engage listeners, and body language to drive a point home. Used well, your non-verbal cues can help you sell easily.

Make Your Ask

As you approach the end of your presentation, tell your listeners what you expect them to do. Briefly summarize what would happen if they took the deal.

To result in quick sales, make it seem urgent. Throwing in a limited-time discount seems to be a good way to catch buyers’ attention.

If the prospects would like to negotiate, go right ahead. Even if their offer is too low, you already have their attention.

The negotiation table is the perfect place to convince them further. Give real-life examples to let them see what they are missing out on.

Bottom Line

A perfect sales pitch starts from preparation. Take your time to make a good presentation, prepare on how to present it and when the day comes, stay confident. It is not hard to sell. You only have to believe in yourself.

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