How to Organize Your Fridge So Food Keeps Longer

How to Organize Your Fridge So Food Keeps Longer

Your fridge is supposed to keep your food items fresh for longer periods. But despite several efforts, sometimes, we fail to get the best out of these electronic gadgets. That is probably because we aren’t organizing our refrigerator properly.

Yes, you read it right. If you belong to regular households like many of us, then your fridge probably needs a good cleaning and routine servicing.

In most of the household, people often use their refrigerators as storage space and hence often pile up way more than they are supposed to do.

And in such situations, either your fridge ends up damaging the other food items or might even stop functioning for some time.

In any of these situations, you might require professional help. But there is absolutely no harm in learning effective ways to organize your fridge to keep your foods fresh for longer periods.

Curious to learn more? Well, before you upgrade your organizing skills, why not learn a few methods to clean the gadget first?

Sanitization should be your priority

Stop right there and understand how crucial sanitization can be for your fridge. You have always been looking for ways to clean the fridge properly, but seldom do you focus on sanitizing it properly for your own welfare.

Therefore, why not sanitize it properly that can diminish any chances of contamination and foodborne diseases for the entire family?

How to do so? Let’s find out!

  • Empty the fridge completely. No matter what is stored inside of it, get rid of it now.
  • Work in sections otherwise, you can never manage the entire task all by yourself.
  • You can get some ice to store in the cooler and thereby store the perishable items for some time till you are done with the cleaning.
  • Wipe it thoroughly. Get a disinfecting wipe or even a spray to disinfect every corner of the fridge.
  • Do not leave any shelf or the door compartment.
  • You can also use soapy water to get the cleaning done.
  • Finally, it is time for you to reassemble the entire fridge components.
  • Do not forget to add the deodorizer that is known to help prevent any unpleasant smells from lingering around.

Once all of these are done, you are ready to start exploring your organization skills to pile up the things in your fridge for prolonged periods.

  • If you see it, you label it!

The first and primary hack that you need to learn about advancing your organization skills is labeling everything. No matter what it is, you need to label it.

It is pretty true for the fridge items as well. You might want to get a tape and even a sharpie to transform anything and everything that you want to store in this fridge.

The best way to know where and what exactly is stored in your fridge would be only possible through proper labeling.

  • Stop being a hoarder

An empty fridge might not be your ideal dream, but do you really like to pile up things in your fridge for no reason?

Well, the second trick that every household needs to learn is that hoarding can be quite harmful to both the refrigerator as well as the food items stored in it. So, always aim to keep it filled till two-thirds only.

  • Boxes? Rate it!

Oh, you always have been storing those boxes since you bought them. But if you really want to use them wisely, rate them accordingly.

Understand which one needs to be consumed first and which can be stored for the future. Accordingly, rate them “eat me first” till “about to expire” as per the food contents and their current condition.

  • Learn more about humidity controls

If you are interested in keeping your foods fresh, you need to learn more about the working principle of the gadget.

You need to know how those humidity settings can help your food items last longer. Also, remember the wrong settings can actually damage the foods quickly.

If you have anything you want to store your fruits and vegetables for long periods, do not forget to put them in the low humidity drawer.

  • Stop storing dairy items in your door

Yeah, we all have been there, trying to keep those dairy items fresh and storing them in the fridge doors. But, did you know that actually speeds up the decay?

Yes, that is the reason why you need to store these items on the top shelf or regions that can get them constant cooling temperatures. Also, storing them on the top shelf can help you to grab them when you are in a hurry.

  • Stop storing your limes and lemons on the top

Here we go wrong again! We tend to store the limes and lemons on the countertop, but that isn’t the ideal place for them.

Instead, it is advisable to store them in a plastic bag along with some moisture. And many claim that this hack can actually make them last for around a month or so.

  • Secure the lowest shelf for the meat

Yes, you need to be quite cautious about storing the meat properly in the fridge. Either get the freezing compartment booked for your meats or store them on the lowest shelf.

Why? You do not want to spoil the rest of the vegetables and other food items while your meats leak slowly. Also, do not forget to place them on a tray to keep the space super clean.

  • Store those condiments in egg cartons

Egg cartons offer multiple utilities even when you decide to throw them away. So, this time, instead of throwing them away, try storing your extra condiments in them.

It helps in reducing wastes while you also stop spilling those condiments unnecessarily on the racks.

  • Learn special door hacks

Your fridge door is supposed to be the warmest part so try storing the condiments there only. In many cases, you might be storing other liquid items which might require more cooling temperatures. Hence, make sure to be careful while you distribute the items stored in your fridge next time.

  • Bottom requires paper towels

Your fridge drawers can offer you some of the tough stains and unwanted smells when you decide to clean the space finally.

To avoid such situations, you can place a layer of paper towels right at the bottom of these drawers.

These are useful especially when you are storing those fruits and vegetables. However, do try to replace them every two or three weeks to keep the spaces clean.

To summarize

Well, these are some of the hacks that you can try every day in your kitchen. They not only help the foods to remain fresh for longer periods but also lower your cleaning hassles as well.

In case you have some more to share with the readers here, do not shy away from commenting about the best ways to keep food longer in your fridge!

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