How to paint a door with gloss paint

paint a door with gloss paint

Painting doors are a great way to add a touch of individuality to your home, and they are an inexpensive alternative to replacing doors that may need replacing for any reason.

Painting a door with gloss paint is quite easy to do and does not require any special skill. It is, however, very important that the following steps are carefully followed because one small mistake may mean you have to start all over again.

How to paint a door with gloss paint

Materials needed:

  • Gloss paint (of course)
  • A paintbrush or roller
  • Primer, if the door is not already painted
  • Paint tray
  • Clean cloths
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper (optional)

Preparation of door for painting:

1. Remove all hardware from the door – this includes hinges, handles, and any other screws or nails that are holding the door in place.

2. Tape off all areas around the door that you do not want to get paint on – this includes the glass if the door has any, as well as the frame.

3. Lightly sand the surface of the door if it is rough or has any old paint peeling off. Be careful not to sand too much, as this may damage the door.

4. Wipe the door with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

Prime First:

If the door is already painted, you can skip this step.

Apply a coat of primer to the door – if the door is not painted then just apply one or two coats of primer until it has completely covered the area.

Allow the primer to dry (this will usually take around an hour).

Painting with gloss paint

Mix your paint to the color you want (usually you will need a good amount as it is hard to judge how much gloss paint is needed).

Pour some of the mixed paint into a paint tray and apply with either a brush or roller, depending on which method you prefer. Be careful not to make any streaks as this can be difficult to fix.

Continue until the door is covered with at least one coat – if necessary, apply further coats of gloss paint until completely covered and looking smooth.

Allow your paint to dry to dry between coats and after final coat according to drying time of gloss paint, before removing any masking tape from around the frame of the door.

Check that all the paint has dried and then reattach the hardware to the door.

General cleaning

Remove any dust using a cloth or vacuum cleaner, and then give your new gloss-painted door a final once over with another clean cloth to make sure it really sparkles!

If there are any drips or spots that you missed, use a brush to carefully dab at the paint until it is completely gone.

If you have any leftover paint, store it in a labeled container and use it for future touch-ups.

Tips and instructions:

  • When painting a door with gloss paint, always use a brush or roller and avoid using spray paint.
  • Gloss paint can be little smelly, If you are painting interior door, make the room ventilated. If proper ventilation is not possible, then follow any other method of how to get rid of gloss paint smell.
  • Take your time and be careful not to make any streaks or missed spots.
  • Gloss paint can be quite thick so it is important to stir it well before you start painting.
  • In order to avoid drips, always apply the paint to one small part of the door at a time.

Common mistakes in painting doors

  • Using too much paint and making it runny – will make it very difficult to handle with a brush or roller
  • Trying to cover too large an area in one go – if you do this you will never get a smooth finish
  • Leaving the door to dry for too long between coats – gloss paint dries quickly so you should try to apply the next coat as soon as the first one is dry
  • Not cleaning the door properly before painting, It can lead to dust particles being trapped in the paint, which will make it look dull and streaky.

FAQs about how to paint a door with gloss paint:

Can I use wall paint to paint my door?

No, because the texture and quality will not be as good as using a glossier type of paint that is designed for doors. You should always try and use the appropriate coat for each surface.

What kind of roller do you recommend when painting a door?

You should use a roller that is slightly bigger than the area you are trying to paint, and always use a roller with a nap so it will give an even finish.

How long can I leave my gloss-painted door before applying any other coats?

You should apply at least one coat of primer before painting your door, however, if you have enough gloss paint you can apply further coats until it is completely covered and looks smooth. The drying time for gloss paint is usually around 20 minutes.

Can I paint my door with spray paint?

No, because it is not as effective as using a brush or roller and it can also lead to drips. Also, when using a brush or roller it is easy to apply the paint in small sections – if you use spray paint you will be more likely to miss areas.

What type of primers do they recommend before painting a door?

You should always try and use a primer that is specifically designed for gloss paints so the finish will look smooth. A water based primer is best as it is easy to use and has a quick drying time.

Conclusion: How to paint a door with gloss paint

By following these simple steps, you can create a beautiful and glossy finish on your door that will last for years to come.

Be sure to take your time and avoid any mistakes, and if you have any leftover paint, store it in a labeled container for future touch-ups. Enjoy your new door!

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