How to Pass the Salesforce Developer 1 Certification Exam


How to Pass the Salesforce Developer 1 Certification Exam

The demand for Salesforce has been growing tremendously over the last decade. Salesforce is a market leader in CRM. Besides CRM, Salesforce provides a wide range of high-quality tools that can aid business processes.

And now, with the increasing penetration of Smartphones, there is high demand for Salesforce on desktop and mobile phones as well. So, it increased the demand for highly skilled Salesforce developers.

The Salesforce economy is booming, and if we believe the numbers, 3.3 million jobs are believed to create in the Salesforce ecosystem by the end of 2022.

And one important thing is that demand for Salesforce mobile apps is increasing. So, it would certainly boost the demand for Salesforce app developers.

So, if you are aspiring to make a career as a Salesforce developer, many good opportunities are waiting for you that will pay you well and make your future bright.

But, you need to plan well to make a career in this field. Opportunities will undoubtedly increase the competition, and you will be required to stand out.

Salesforce is raising its benchmarks to provide quality development services to its clients. So, you will be required to have proper planning and preparation to clear the Salesforce developer exam.

So, in this post, we will discuss the entry-level Salesforce developer 1 exam. We will address all your queries like who is eligible to take this exam, topics covered in the exam, and most importantly, how you can pass the exam. So, let’s start with,

Who can Take Salesforce Developer 1 Exam?

If you are a fresher or non-IT professional, then we highly recommend you first approach an online learning platform to get acquainted with the basic concepts and build some practical skills.

We recommend taking the Salesforce administrator exam first if you are a fresher from a non-IT background.

It is imperative that you first check your eligibility for the exam. You can go ahead with the platform developer 1 exam preparation if you meet all the below-mentioned points

  • You should have up to one year of hands-on experience in the development and programming field. Because then only the Salesforce developer exam will make some sense and provide you with career benefits.
  • You must have a good understanding of database concepts and working experience with relational databases.
  • You need good expertise in Apex and Visualforce, which are used for Salesforce app building.
  • You must be well aware of all the use cases of agile development, Salesforce schema, and declarative and programmatic methods.
  • You need to have a thorough understanding and work experience in lightning framework, Salesforce lighting process builder, and Apex trigger.
  • You must know the complete process starting from the development, testing, and deployment of applications.

So, if you meet the points mentioned above, you can proceed further to start preparation. Salesforce developer 1 is a very important exam that will boost your career.

So, you should take this exam with proper planning and strategy. It will help you pass the Salesforce develop 1 certification conveniently.

This is what we are now going to discuss. Before we discuss planning and tips to clear the exams, let’s have a brief look at the exam pattern and subjects involved in it. It will help you create a plan more efficiently.

Exam Overview

So, here’s the exam format,

  • There will be 60 multiple-choice questions in the Salesforce developer 1 certification exam.
  • 105 minutes are allotted to you to clear those questions.
  • The exam fee for this certification is 200 USD. You can retake it at the cost of 100 USD in case you fail on the first attempt.
  • You need to secure 65% to pass this exam. So out of 60, you have to crack 39 correct answers to clear this exam.

Now, we will have a brief overview of the topics covered in the exam. There is a total of 6 topics with different weightage.

Logic process and Automation: 38% weightage

This is the most essential and core topic in the exam in terms of weightage. You must prioritize this section as it will not only help you clear this exam but also help you build a promising career with the knowledge and experience you gain from this topic.

In logic process and automation, you learn to use automation tools and use cases of programming. This topic covers apex programming and related concepts like Apex triggers, Apex custom controllers, data types, visual force controllers, and how to handle exceptions.

In this section, you will also learn how to design the object schema and formula field with the help of programming.

User Interface: Weightage 25%

This is the second most important topic in terms of weightage in the exam. As you can see that the combined weightage of the logic process, automation, and the user interface is 63% which is more than the rest of the topics.

This section tests your knowledge of the lighting platform, visualforce, and various use cases of the lighting platform.

The best way to prepare for this section is by using all the concepts in real life. Building practical experience will strengthen your basic concepts of visualforce and lightning platform.

Data Modeling and Management: Weightage 13%

This section carries 13% weightage in the exam. Data modeling and management is one of the core topics of the Salesforce developer exam as it covers vital concepts like how to design data models and their use cases and basic concepts of data models like objects, fields, lookup, master-detail, and relationship types in data modeling.

Debug and Deployment Tools: Weightage 10%

This section carries 10% weightage. This section checks your knowledge of different types of debug logs, testing frameworks, developer consoles, and how to debug and deploy applications.

Salesforce Fundamentals: Weightage 7%

This section carries 7% weightage in the exam. This section checks your knowledge about Apex and declarative tools and use cases of CRM objects.

Testing: Weightage 7%

Even though its weightage is lesser compared to others, this topic is very significant for real life and building practical experience as it checks the performance of the application after its development.

This topic teaches you about different testing frameworks and use cases for writing unit tests for custom controllers, triggers, controller extensions, and various other classes.

So, that’s all about the topics covered in the exam. As you are now completely aware of exam patterns and topics covered, let’s see some tips to pass this exam.

How to Pass the Salesforce Developer 1 Exam?

Everyone possesses unique skills and abilities, so you should build your own plans and strategies to pass the exam. But here, we will discuss some common steps you can take to pass the exam.

  • As we discussed earlier, prioritize the topics with the highest weightage in the exam. So, here give more priority to logic process and automation, and user interface as combined weightage is 63%. That does not mean that other topics are less important. To become the right candidate for the Salesforce developer profile, you need to have a good understanding and practical experience of all the concepts. But from the exam point of view, you can focus more on these two topics to pass the exam.
  • The best way to learn the concepts is by doing. So, you can learn one concept and work on its practical application. You can take real-life scenarios and build your project. You can build imaginary projects, find their problems and build solutions for them. It will not only clear your concept but also develop your working experience.
  • Always rely on the study materials approved by the Trailhead. It is the official source of information from Salesforce. Do not refer to unauthenticated sources for the information, as it will only misguide you.
  • Join a reliable online Salesforce learning platform to prepare for the Salesforce developer exam. Investing in a learning platform would be a good decision as it will help you improve your knowledge and practical skills under the supervision of industry experts.
  • So that you can identify your mistakes and weakness and work on them. It will make you well-prepared for the certification exam
  • One more benefit of the online learning platform is that they provide mock tests. Mock tests are significant for the exam as you get to know what to expect in the actual exam. We recommend you take the actual exam only after you secure an average high score in multiple mock tests. The online platform can help you improve after every round of mock tests.
  • The last but crucial tip for clearing the exam is to join the online community when you start preparation.
  • It will help you resolve your doubts and not feel alone during the preparation. Here too, online learning platforms can help you as some learning platforms provide a good community with seasoned Salesforce professionals where you can prepare with like-minded people and share your ideas.

Summing Up

So, that’s all about how to pass the Salesforce developer 1 certification exams. We hope the blog brings some light into how to move ahead if you are passionate about the Salesforce platform. Now is the right time to start with your preparation. Good Luck!

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