How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party: Tips and Ideas

Bachelorette Party

For a bride, there is one event only focused on her the bachelorette party. It can be dinner or luncheon held for the day or a full-blown weekend at a luxurious destination.

Have you gotten the task to plan your best friend a family member bachelorette party? Then you need a roadmap with our seven-step guide.

#1 Create a Guest List

This is the best time to get all the favorite people together. Still, you need to find out who the bride decides who her influential bachelorette attendees will be before deciding on the location. The group size will impact your decision on where to host the bachelorette party.

#2 Decide on a Location

Selecting the bachelorette party location takes several considerations. Think of the climate, the vibes, and the activities.

You may want to party at a club or relax at a cabin. Asking these questions will help make your location selection simpler.

#3 Determine a Date

As the host, you must work with the bride to select at least four dates that work for her. Then you can use an online platform to quickly poll invitees using those dates to see if they can attend.

Then you can select your final date, as it helps to choose a final destination at least six months in advance.

#4 Book The Lodgings

If you decide on a bachelorette weekend, then it helps to get group housing to rent instead of staying in hotel rooms.

For groups larger than 15, it helps to expand your accommodation search outside the city. Book at least one suite for staying at a hotel, as it provides a communal space for people to gather.

#5 Pick The Theme and Activities

The first step for you is to pick a theme for the bachelorette party and decide on the decorations and activities planned for the day or weekend.

For a weekend bachelorette party, choose at least three activities with some downtime in between. Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending some low-key activities at the pool, and it is not only about hitting bars and clubs.

Some activity options include spa activities, boat charters, private yoga, Country Fusion line dancing, candle-making, and more.

#6 Plan For Group Meals

Whether you enjoy brunch or dinner as a larger group, it helps to plan things like the bills ahead of time. First, discuss with the restaurant if they will put together a menu for a group setting to make things more accessible and affordable.

Then, at the meal’s start, you can inform everyone that the bill will be split evenly or they need to consider the amounts when ordering.

#7 Confirm The Attendance

The important thing is to confirm the attendance of the bachelorette party at least four months before the time. Doing this gives you a good idea of the costs of lodging and activities.

Also, get back in touch with the attendees to discuss the estimated costs. Also remind the group that they will still be responsible for their portion of the expenses if they do decide to cancel.

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