How to Put a Trundle Bed Together?

trundle bed

A trundle bed can be an excellent choice for the many living in apartments since it takes up very little space when it’s not in use and creates extra sleeping space when needed.

However, the instructions that come with most trundle beds are notoriously confusing, making putting one together seem like an impossible task.

Fortunately, this guide will help you put your trundle bed together correctly in as little time as possible. Here’s how to put a trundle bed together…

Step 1: Select The Bed

First, you’ll need to select a trundle bed, but there are quite a few different trundle beds on the market. You can find them in modern, contemporary, and simple styles. The size of your trundle bed should fit your twin mattress perfectly.

The bed frame should be between 5 1⁄2 and 6 inches high, so when you place your mattress on top of it, there will be 1 1⁄2 inches left above it for storage space.

Make sure that any drawers or storage spaces are easy for you to reach from underneath your bed when it is fully assembled—and check how much weight they can hold before loading up any weighty items in them!

Step 2: Assemble The Base

When you have all of your materials ready, it’s time to start putting together your trundle bed. To do so, you first need to assemble the base.

The base is what everything else will be screwed into. It’s kind of like a foundation. It must be sturdy and strong enough for whatever material you choose.

It will often be wooden slats fastened together with bolts or screws in between each one to create stability and security for whatever other pieces are added later on. For example, if you decided to go with a metal frame, each piece would be bolted down securely.

Step 3: Put the Frame Together

Your trundle bed might come with a mattress, or you might have purchased one separately. Regardless, it will require some assembly before installing it into your trundle bed frame.

Please remove all of its packagings and then place it in an area where you have enough room to maneuver around it—first, layout your new mattress on a flat surface like a floor or carpeted floor. Please make sure there are no wrinkles in it and smooth out any creases as best you can.

Now flip over one side of your mattress so that its top side is facing the ground. Align each corner at 90-degree angles by pulling out each corner until straight.

The corners should be tight against each other but not overlapping too much to create gaps between them.

Next, take one end of your new fitted sheet and start pulling it over from one side towards another until you reach about halfway across from one side to another, at which point you will begin tucking in those corners underneath their respective sides.

Step 4: Install the Mattress

This bed uses a drop-in type of mattress, which you can buy pre-made. You have to put it in and adjust it accordingly. These beds are typically very heavy, so make sure you have some help when lifting them.

Putting in your new mattress will involve inserting three wooden slats at specific spots and then laying on top.

Make sure that your slats are not too long for your frame or won’t fit into place properly. There should be two supports on each side, with two lying along each end of your bed when placing them.

Step 5: Add on the Slide

The bottom drawer is held in place by two screws on each side. Once those are secure, you can add them to your slide attachment and install them. The slide will be sturdier if you pre-drill holes before screwing it.

And make sure to leave yourself some space to tuck away any excess fabric from your mattress that might not fit under your bed frame (that’s what I did for my duvet and comforter, which are so long that they don’t all fit under my frame.) With your fabric tucked neatly out of sight, it’s time to put it on your mattress!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install a trundle bed?

There are many different trundle beds, but they can all be installed in the same way. The first step is to set your frame up on its side and layout all of your parts, so you know exactly what you’re working with.

The next step is assembling it, which usually consists of attaching a headboard/footboard and then bolting/screwing them into place.

Most trundle beds come with instructions that should be followed as carefully as possible; even minor mistakes can make installation difficult or impossible or damage furniture or walls. Once it’s assembled, transport it inside and bolt/screw it into place.

How do I set up trundle daybed?

A trundle bed is a small bed that looks like a box on wheels that allows you to pull it out from underneath another bed when guests come over.

Because it can be pulled out from under your regular king-sized or queen-sized bed and put away when not in use, trundle beds are ideal for bedrooms where floor space is premium.

However, many people find that pulling out trundle beds can be difficult and require some strength because they are usually placed toward either end of regular adult-sized mattresses. Here’s how to set up your trundle daybed.

How long does it take to put together a trundle bed?

2-3 hours, you depend on your comfort level with assembly. For example, if you are adept at putting furniture together, it should take significantly less time than if you are less familiar with assembly.

The most difficult aspect of putting a trundle bed together is often getting all of your materials and tools organized so that they’re easy to find when you need them.

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Following each step closely will also help ensure that you have everything in order and that you don’t lose any parts. Assemble only one piece at a time until each of those pieces is stable and secure before moving on to another part.