How to Reduce Waste This Christmas? A Complete Guide


With bells of joy, happiness, mesmerizing decorations, exciting presents, and smiles everywhere the thrilling occasion of Christmas is here.

From Thanksgiving to new year’s vacations the most exciting period of the year brings happiness to countless people; however, for our environment, it is the most harmful duration as the garbage production in this period rises by millions of tons. 

Piles of waste, half-eaten food platters, useless decorated items, and a lot of ribbons all over the floors are the after story of every Christmas.

Let’s bring a twist, celebrate this Christmas in a new way, and show your concern for a healthy and clean environment.

And for this, you can take the help of top junk removal Fairfield services. Particularly, hire them if you want to get rid of the massive Christmas tree you have decorated.

Now, it’s true that we can’t eliminate the entire Christmas waste but we can pay our efforts to reduce it. Here’s how you can do this:

Prefer Quality Not Quantity 

Exchange of gifts is a common tradition of Christmas, everyone spends a lot of money for this purpose and tries to purchase as many gifts as he could. These presents are usually short-lived and end up in trash piles.

To reduce trash production, give priority to quality over quantity, and instead of spending money on cheaper items for the whole family, buy a single gift that is more reliable and useful.

Paper Recycling 

Various kinds of rappers, papers, and plastic bags are used for wrapping gift items that are thrown away after a single use and add a potential increase in waste production.

Avoid buying new gift papers to show some creativity and recycle old papers, magazines, and newspapers for packaging purposes.

Use different glittered clothes, tea towels, and scarves to wrap a gift-giving your present a more unique and nice gesture.

Zero Waste Decoration Ideas

Decorated homes and trees are considered as a sign of Christmas and it’s really enjoyable, funny, and loving moments to show creativity along with your kids and family members.

Most items used for decorative purposes are made up of plastic which acquired a large portion of waste.

Recycle old items instead of buying new ones and try to use different DIY ideas for home decorations.

Waste bulbs, bells, art pieces, and disposable spoons and forks can be recycled into decorative items, it will not only save your money but also decline the waste production by keeping the useless, old material to end up in landfills. 

Live Christmas Tree 

Designing the Christmas tree and placing it on the entrance is the beginning of this colorful full festival.

A wide range of plastic trees is available in markets which became part of trash once Christmas was over.

Prevent the environment from the toxic effects of waste by reusing the old trees and decorating them by recycling different materials.

One of the best eco-friendly celebrations of Christmas is to buy a live tree rather than an artificial one.

Various kinds of trees are available which are smaller in size and can easily fit into a mud pot, convert these trees into Christmas trees by using waste balls, lighting, and other waste materials that can be recycled. Live Christmas trees help to keep the environment green and healthy

Shop only Necessary and Reusable Material 

Going shopping is a common practice before the arrival of any occasion, and it’s very popular among females. Before going to the market make a list you need to purchase this Christmas whether it’s gifts, clothes, decorations, or food items.

Strictly following the list while shopping and avoiding necessary materials to buy it will save money and time.

When it comes to food items try to buy those items that can be stored and transformed into new food items easily, but according to your need.

Prefer those packaging that can be recycled and reused like soda bottles can be recycled into several useful items while tins are useless after food is removed from them. 

Upcycling and composting 

Once Christmas is over, before throwing the useless materials into the trash box, think carefully about which and where you can use these items again, it will highly facilitate your aim to celebrate zero waste Christmas.

Using all the fruits and vegetable peelings in the backyard as compost will reduce the waste products and will beautify your garden greatly.

Let’s celebrate this Christmas in an eco-friendly way by following the above instructions and reducing the waste production.

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