How to Select the Best Auto Car Glass Shop?

Auto Car Glass Shop

Your car’s glass is an important part of the vehicle. Not only does it provide structural strength to your vehicle’s body, but it also keeps passengers safe inside the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Moreover, it protects you from external elements, such as dust, rock, rain, debris, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to take good care of your car’s glass health.

Since a windshield does so much more than just protect you from the external elements, it is critical to find a reputable auto glass shop that does quality work.

There are numerous repair companies that offer auto glass services, but only the best can provide you with quality results.

In this post, we’ll share the top 5 tips to choose the best auto glass shop for all your car glass repair and replacement needs. Take a look.

1. Ask For Certification:

The first and the most important factor to consider when choosing an auto glass company is its certification.

You must choose an auto glass repair company that is certified by the state/local auto glass replacement safety standard body.

While performing repairs or replacements, they must adhere to the standards established for them.

Only a certified company can guarantee the highest level of reliability for your car glass. You can either visit their website or pay a visit to the company to ensure that they have proper licensing in place.

2. Opt For The One That Has OEM Parts

As said earlier, car glass is an important component of your vehicle. Hence, it is crucial to go for superior quality car glasses always.

OEM replacement glasses are manufactured by the original manufacturer and are considered the best for your vehicle.

Determine whether the auto car glass shop uses original or duplicate products. It is always recommended to use only OEM glasses as they provide you with utmost safety.

Also ensure that the tools and adhesives used are 100% authentic and sourced from renowned dealers and suppliers.

3. Enquire About The Acceptance Of Insurance Claims

Getting a car glass replacement or repair can be expensive without insurance coverage. Moreover, if you have a luxury car such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc., windshield replacement can burn a hole in your pocket.

Thus, it is mandatory to know if your auto glass shop accepts insurance claims. Usually, car owners have vehicle insurance.

Most repair shops bill your insurance company directly for the cost of replacement. All you’ll have to do is pay the deductible and enjoy the repairs at a low cost.

4. Talk To The Technicians:

In any auto glass company, the job is performed by the technicians. No matter how big the auto glass company is – if it doesn’t have good technicians, your vehicle is in the wrong hands.

The car glass repair or replacement work has to be done with utmost accuracy and precision. If the technician is inexperienced and the car glass is improperly installed, it can become a matter of life and death.

So, make sure you hire a technician who is qualified, competent and has hands on experience and expertise to deliver the results you expect from the repair/ replacement work.

Not only will a good technician deliver the best results, but they also advise you on the best glass and adhesive to use.

5. Ask About The Warranty:

Nothing in this world is permanent, including the car glass replacement. Hence, make sure you check whether or not the service provider offers the warranty policy on the car glass repair and replacement work.

A reputable auto glass repair company will always provide you with a written warranty. It means in case of any manufacturing or workmanship defects, the auto glass shop will reperform the job without any additional charges.

So, make sure you choose a auto glass shop that provides you at least 1-year warranty.

6. Look for a “Repair First” Policy:

Windshield Replacements are usually more expensive than windshield repair. This fact instigates local & small auto glass shops to go for a replacement even for cracks that can be easily repaired.

Hence, it is important that you choose a reliable auto glass shop that follows a “repair first” policy.

A certified auto glass company will always inspect the crack first and if they feel that the damage is not large enough, they will recommend you for a car glass repair.


So, these are the top tips you should consider when selecting an auto glass company. These simple tips will not only help you evaluate the potential auto repair companies you’re considering, but they will also help you make the best decision for your vehicle.

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