How to Start a Lawn Care Service or Landscape Design Business

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Best Business to Start – How to Start a Lawn Care Company or Garden Landscaping Service Business

Starting your own lawn care service or landscape design business in India can be a very rewarding and the most successful small business ideas.

Registration, opening, staff, place, marketing, and operating your lawn care service or landscape design business will require a lot of work and dedication, but with proper preparation, you can definitely make it in the field.

In this article, you will learn how to start lawn care service or landscape design business in India. Find detail information about Investment, business, competition, risk, market, License, Registration, Marketing, and earning.

This is one of the most successful small business ideas in India. If you are planning to start lawn care service or landscape design business in India, you are at the right place.

So take your time to learn how to start a lawn care service or landscape design business through this extensive article to find an awesome unique business idea for you!

It is all of the non-living elements in landscaping. The design of brick patio. A stone wall, or a wooden arbor, expertly crafted by a landscaper Victoria BC.

Let’s get started!

How to Start a Lawn Care Company or Garden Landscaping Service Business

Now a days Lawn Care or landscape design is in trend. Most of Bungalow Garden or Farm House are going for landscape design. They want to design their land beautifully, with well-organized plantation.

Landscape design is the art of arranging the features of an area of land for aesthetic and/or practical reasons. It is often divided into two major components: hardscape and softscape. Learn more here.


It is all of the non-living elements in landscaping. The design of brick patio. A stone wall, or a wooden arbor. This is a fully environment structure that are incomplete incorporated into a landscape.

The hardscape also includes paved areas, driveways. Stairs, walkways, sleeper walls, Retaining walls, and any other landscaping made up of hard-wearing materials such as wood, stone, and concrete, as opposed to softscape.


Softscape refers to the plants. Softscape elements that are complemented by hardscape elements, such as wooden pergolas, stone wall, tile patios, and brick walker.

Now a days landscape business is much in trend and is new. People are now interested to invest in landscape design, to make their area beautiful.

The government is also offering course for this subject, because you have to be in full knowledge of environment, soil, temperature, and particular place properties.

Lawn Care Service

Using the knowledge of horticulture, math, science and landscaping, landscapers can make design more beautiful and attractive.

The job is not that much easy, you have to be in full knowledge and have to work in inclement weather, and to satisfy the customer with guaranty of plants.

Dry stone masonry Yorkshire represents a centuries-old craft deeply ingrained in the region’s landscape and heritage.

Degree and Certificate

The government and many colleges are offering course related to lawn care and landscape design. This is also called ornamental horticulture. This is a two years course, an also a graduation program.

Certificate programs are also available and are completed in one year or less. This program is for those who wants short term course, with current knowledge and skills.

Career Options

It’s a new business and have a bright chance of career. If you have a degree of landscape design, your chances are bright. Besides finding employment as a landscaper, groundskeeper or contractor, graduates may work as a nursery manager, buildings and grounds supervisor, golf course superintendent or horticulture specialist. The range is vast, as government is concentrating in greenery most.

Now it’s a trend of Farm house. Mostly big shots have a farm house and they wants to decorate it by beautiful gardening and attractive plantations. Here they needed landscape Designer for proper guidance.

Investment in Lawn Care Service or Landscape Design Business

There is not much investment in this business; if you are qualified do some little projects, so that you can show your work to big industries or government firms.

You have hired some gardeners under your company and have to give proper guidance, as they work under you. You have to be in totally love in the plants.

The love and entrust can give you a good height. Latest tools are also needed for the business, for the fast working. So, the investment is not much you can start this business with no doubts.

Market Research and Potential

Take a market research, then only you will know how to run this business, and what kinds of plants are in and most ask by the customers.

You have to research about, where you will get good customers from? Because initially you have to start with low project, then only you will gain big one.

Just plan the strategies that every business need. Check your potential, can you go for this work? As its little bit hard working job. It is a morning job under a sun.

Equipment needed for lawn care business

Big machines are needed for landscaping like cutter, brush chippers, skidders, grass cutter, axe and many small equipment. But in initial business you can also take it in rent.

Process of Lawn Care Service or Landscape Design Business

The basic of lawn care business is a little care biz. As we all know that lawn maintenance is a seasonal business, it’s before rainy season or with down time during winter. There are also many plants that gown in different season but mostly plantation done before rainy season or after winter.

Before design a landscape, landscaper have to check the size, shape and backgrounds before planning of plantation. Planning is main challenge. While planting or mowing doesn’t necessarily take a great deal.

Some landscapers might even work on a large scale, like would be a job for a landscape architect.

Clients in need of a good landscaping who can work for their new pool or patio, planning and designing a golf course, or needing a retaining wall built, will be in touch with a trusted landscaping company.

License and registration

The Horticulture Professional Services license encompasses business involved in landscape design, ornamental and turf pest control. Commercial Applicators license required.

You can also go for C.A. He will deal your project for license. You need a GST registration of the company, PAN card, Identity proof, Address proof, Shop & Establishments Act Registration, Current bank account. You don’t need much money to complete paperwork.

Staff Requirement

In Lawn care and landscape Design business staff is needed as per your work. If you are working in a big project, you need more staff under you to complete the target. In small project you can go for 2 to 3 staff.


Every business needs good and strategic marketing, so as landscape design. You have to plan how can you boost up your business and what is the right step?

You can hire a marketing agency and if you have a knowledge of marketing and design you can do by yourself.

One more thing you can do is put a staff of designer and marketing agent who will provide you social media design and reach the customer by different media platform.

If you had marketing agent, he will manage to contact, related persons who need landscape designs. He will also let you know the different government or big projects.

Go for logo design, so that your company get a place in a business and known by your logo. You can also give a Tag line.

Tag line should be related to your work, as it stays in the client’s mind. Attach with social media pages, and get it updated.

In this pandemic time all contacts are going through social networking, and you have to be a part of that. Connect with social media and get a good contact.

Make a beautiful and attractive web page of your company and put pictures of your work over there. So that a client needs your work experience, you can give a link or can show your website.

If you will follow these marketing strategies, your business will definitely be going to rock.

Risk in Lawn Care Service or Landscape Design Business

The risk is less. Choose the correct plants according seasons and design correctly according to length and breath.

Take a half amount of money before work, because some times customer was not satisfying for different reason and they stop payment. As your money was totally blocked. Next work will be difficult for you.

Earning and Profit

Landscape business is a profit business if done in a proper way. You have to make good margin after cutting your expenses and plants billing.

What do I need to do to become a landscaper?

For becoming a good landscaper, you have to complete your studies and related courses. Few government colleges have degree of landscape. You can go for it.

While you may become a landscaper or lawn care service provider without official accreditation, a high school diploma may be a minimum requirement based on your location and experience.

What do you need to know about heavy equipment landscaping?

Around the job site, carrying materials becomes more comfortable when you have heavy-duty equipment that can effortlessly do the task for you. For big project you need heavy equipment, by this your work will become easier.

How to get job as a landscape architect?

Now it is necessary to lake a landscape architect, in any construction site to make it beautiful and full of greenery. All states require landscape architects to be licensed.

Licensing requirements vary by state but usually include a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from an accredited school.

By taking internship and passing the landscape architect registration Exam you can get the job easily, under any firm.

What do you need to know about landscape design?

Before entering or thinking of the business, you have to complete the degree. Landscape design is the art of arranging the features of an area of land for aesthetic and/or practical reasons.

Alternatively, in easy words we can say, to design a garden beautifully with plantation and by different stone decoration technique.

Which is the best landscaping company in India?

There are many lawn care service or landscape design companies in India, who are doing landscape business, but the Garden World is a leading commercial landscape architect and gardening Design Company in India.

The gardening design company has maintained its commitment for quality, integrity and service from two decades.

What is the difference between landscaper and gardener?

A landscaper works in adjusting earth and water to become more attractive and pleasant. They make area designed with full measurement and correct layout.

While gardener works on the ground to give correct plantation ordered by the designer.

In this article, we selected the best small business ideas based upon market research and trends. we have also included best business to start insight on every single startup idea.

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