How to Start an Advertising Agency in India – Most successful small business ideas

Advertising agency

Starting your own advertising agency in India can be a very rewarding and the most successful small business ideas.

Registration, opening, staff, place, marketing, and operating your own advertising agency will require a lot of work and dedication, but with proper preparation, you can definitely make it in the field.

In this article, you will learn how to start advertising agency in India. Find detail information about business, market, Investment, License and Registration, competition risk, Marketing, and earning.

This is one of the most successful small business ideas in India. If you are planning to start advertising agency in India, you are at the right place.

Hope, in this small business idea, you find useful information about advertising business. Entrepreneurs can start this low investment business from home also.

An advertising agency is a company that takes all the burden of marketing the products and reach the appropriate customer accordingly. It also boosts up the company and its products by making a creative and attractive approach to the customer. 

Big and small companies hired Advertising agencies, to reach selected customers. Some agencies handle all phases of advertising campaigns, from doing market research and establish the brand in the market and make strategies to grip the product in the market. The creative agency also makes eye-catching ads to place them in appropriate outlets.

In simple words, an advertising agency is a firm that aware of the company of marketing strategies. How a new company has to startup? And what steps or design have been given to attracts the customer?

All the lookout was for an advertising agency. They have knowledge and specialized skills who are well versed in advertising, marketing, and consumer behaviour.

In the pandemic time, all the business survives a lot. But Marketing agencies are still busy with their work. 

Now, most of the business is online, and companies are approaching their client through social media, websites and other media networks.

From there, the agency works starts; they have given the client the best design and strategies so that they can reach their customer easily.

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Like making an attractive and informative web page, where customer can buy good and attractive deals and Eye-catching social media posts.

By which company can connect with their customers. And connect with them by sending them social media posts of their products and interact with them, making social media pages by giving information of the product and regular posts by regular hammering to the customers.


The investment is not that much higher. Anyone well known and studied for advertising and graphics can jump into this business.

Initially, start with little investment. With a small office, or it can be a small room in your house. What you need to buy is a high-speed computer for graphics.

You can search in the market. Many companies are making high-resolution graphic computers. So, go for that.

Don’t go for cheap computers because in starting they will give a good performance, later they can’t take up high-resolution works.

A good printer is also needed. Later you can go for a large dye-sublimation printer. A scanner and a good resolution camera are needed.

These few things can work on starting basis. Later, by expanding your business, you have to take a shop; it can be on rest or your own.

With little investment, you can rise high if you have all designer skills or know marketing strategies.

Market Research & potential

Before jumping over the business research what market is giving updates regarding advertising agencies.

Do they are working? Or what strategies you have to go with. What is the need of the customer? and by which price you can beat the market? All you have to survey about.

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In an Advertising agency, you have to check how other competitors work and attract clientage with offers and discounts in design. There are many things in that you have to work in Like…

Affordable price

Before entering into an advertising business, go through some important details. So that you have the entire knowledge of the latest market.

Check how prices go up, and what deals are given by other competitors. In deals what they are providing.

Like logo with social media posts or full designing package with page handling or any other exciting offers to attract customers.

And in what budget? So that you know complete price listing, and you can give more attractive package Infront of the customer to beat other agencies.

Instant Feedback

Take instant feedback after every design or customer dealing, so that you know where are you lacking. And what can be done more to establish your company.

Feedback notifies that where you are lacking and what your company needed more to overcome. If the customer is satisfied with your work, he will contact you again.

Research what customer wants. And present budget according to that. This strategy moves you forward.

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Make a little question page on the web and send a link, by asking the questions how and what they want from the Advertising Agencies? by this you can get good customer reviews and get good deals and things to improve.


You have to research the market, how and what services are needed to fulfil the customer requirement.

The customer always wants more work at an affordable price. Deal with that and give him a well-planned budget. Check potential of your, by taking your company to the place, Where you wanted to be.

Equipment: check what equipment needed to start your work. To start any advertising agency, you always need a fast-working computer with good storage and internet accessibility.

A good printer is also needed. Later you can go for a large dye-sublimation printer. A scanner and a good resolution camera. These few things can work on starting basis.

A high-resolution scanner machine, and also a high-resolution camera for high-resolution product pictures is needed.

Do not compromise in any of the machinery because you can give good performance by good machinery. Don’t go for cheap equipment, later they can’t take heavy works and gets slow.

Go for speakers, if you are handling advertising for any company; in editing voice, you have to be clear with every sound effect.

Latest Software

The important tool that left is software for Advertising agencies. There is much software available in the market.

You have to choose in which you are expertise or your staff can give the best design on that software Like photoshop, Pixlr, GIMP, ProofHub, DesignBold, CorelDraw, Aftereffect, 3dmax, Indesign and many more. You have to buy this software if you are in the Advertising business.


Go through the process of work. There are many things that you should know about the Advertising Agency. You should know the whole process of working.

About billing, documents you needed from the customers. How the customer will pay your agency, by cash or in your company account? You have to go through the whole process. 


In starting, you can do it from your home, but later to spread your business you have to go to the shop, it would be rented or yours.  Select the place in the market area, so that you can easily reach your clientage.

License and registration

Before license and registration, you have to give a name to your company. Many online services licensed and easily register your company. 

Company registration for advertising agency in India can be done in many ways. You can register your creative agency as proprietorship firm, LLP firm, partnership firm, Private Limited Company or public company.

To register your advertising agency in India, you need to have a some knowledge of the company registration process.

Before entering a business, you have to take the license and registration of the company. There are two ways to start an advertising agency. The one is tradition and the other is the smart way. Steps to register a new company.

First, we will talk about the traditional way to register a company. First, contact any C.A with an appointment.

He will ask you to come with a bunch of papers, that you have to submit him and then you will get the approximate date of registration of your company. This process takes a little bit of time.

Another smart way for advertising agency registration is online registration. There are plenty of startups available. They offers one-stop solution for all your legal and financial needs to start your business in India.

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There are many companies of C. A who assures that they will register your company easily without running around to multiple places for documents.

You can start your company in 15 days with a good C.A. The things you need to start is GST registration of the company, PAN card, Identity proof, Address proof, Shop & Establishments Act Registration, Current bank account.

You don’t need much money to complete paperwork. For a solo proprietorship firm, but you have to pay less to get started, one can start with low as Rs. 10000. 

Staff Requirement

In a startup, you need less staff only two or three, to handle your design works and marketing. Later you have to go for a team by separate work.


Marketing is easy for an Advertising agency as they are in the same work. The advertising company has an attractive logo and tagline because as it’s your profession and a customer will check that.

You need to go for social media, Facebook or Instagram. Your website should be appealing and full information of designs and price dealing should be mentioned. 

You have to cover daily updates in social media applications so that it should be in the customer’s mind that what you are providing.


There is low risk in a startup because at that time you had invested not that much amount. Now these days, when all work is loaded with Marketing and advertising, there are very few chances for downfall. You can easily go for this business.

If you’ve never worked in advertising and marketing industry before, it will be difficult to start your own advertising agency. You won’t have a contacts, portfolio, or knowledge of the field.

You should highly consider working in the industry before trying to start your own advertising agency. This will give you a head start when you open your creative agency because you’ll have contacts and experience that will help you succeed.

Earning and Profit

It all depends upon which type of work you are providing. This is a profitable business. You can earn how you design and provide the required stuff to the client.


The advertising is a profitable agency and can be done on a low budget. If you have good knowledge of designing and have marketing skills, then this profession is the right choice for you, As everything is digitalized now, so in this business, we can see a lot of scopes. 


How are advertising agencies depend on their clients? 

Advertising agencies depend upon their clients, as their all work is a clientage base.

What does an Advertising agency do for your business?

Advertising agencies gives a boost to the company by designing attractive designs that attract customer. Their strategies help to take up the companies.

How does advertising agencies works?

An advertising company deals with the customer’s product strategies. By giving him a package of work’ And help to introduce the company attractively so that the company will be known by the consumers.

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