How to start an Omni-Channel print packaging business with web-to-print technology?

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Whether you have a retail printing store or an online web-to-print one, taking the Omni-Channel approach for packaging can connect your business quickly with your customers.

In this digital era, when more people purchase online, only those brands with a solid e-commerce strategy will thrive. A solid plan means that the business can adapt or scale quickly to meet the new requirements.

When it comes to the design of packaging, businesses grapple a lot because both retail and online supply chain might need different packaging designs.

But a good design must be able to overcome the complexities of a multi-channel approach. It should be unified, cost-effective, and customized to perform well in both offline and online environments.

What is the Omni-Channel print packaging business?

Packaging can be a factor influencing purchase decisions in customers because it appeals to them aesthetically and improves the brand’s awareness in their eyes.

But for retail printing businesses with both online and offline presence, it is vital to provide a seamless print packaging experience on both channels.

So, it is not surprising that Omni Channel is the future of the e-commerce print packaging business. It is a unified, efficient channel that provides a consistent performance for packaging design across the shelf, online, and supply chain.

How does it work?

An Omni Channel like web2print packaging design software DesignNBuy ensures that the website is mobile friendly and offers product personalization across all channels.

The main benefit of using a package box design software is that it can put the printing business on top of the competition both online and offline. More customers can discover the store and will likely purchase from it.

A package box design software can customize multiple print designs based on font and colors. This can reduce the production and management cost and produce prints with different designs in one go for both offline and online channels.

Benefits of Omnichannel print packaging business

The packaging can be an essential factor for customers purchasing the product in a retail business. But for an e-commerce business, the product information is already listed on the website and may not need to be printed on the packaging.

However, a consistent design for packaging for both channels will ensure brand awareness and gain customer loyalty.

Here are some of the benefits that the best packaging design software combined with an Omni Channel strategy can offer.


An Omnichannel packaging design tool will provide complete control of the sale orders. Customers will also be able to check the availability of an offline product from an online inventory.

The click & collect service provided by the packaging design tool will allow the customers to order online and pick the product from the print company’s physical store. It can provide a competitive advantage against companies whose shipping cost is high.


According to a recent Accenture research, 72% of customers stopped purchasing from a company due to a poor experience. So customer service matters if a printing company needs to attract more customers and gain the trust of the existing ones by solving their problems as accurately as possible.

Multiple systems such as social media, webchat, voice, and mobile each have their own user interface. This makes it quite difficult for the customer service agents to maintain effortless communication.

Because if there is no single interface, the agent will keep switching between applications to find relevant account information while keeping the customer on hold.

An Omnichannel Desktop Agent provides a single interface for several channels where the agent can use queues to manage the assigned work. Moreover, the Desktop Omni Channel also helps the agent focus on the task at hand to ensure the best customer service.


Omni Channel offers a flawless experience for the web print store and enables a smooth shopping experience across mobile devices.

A user will lose interest if they switch the device, finding that they have to add the items all over again to their cart.

In comparison, Omni Channel will let the customers access the print packaging business store from anywhere and anytime without adding items again and repeating transactions.

Watch how it works:

How web-to-print packaging software can help an Omni Channel print business?

Integrating the best packaging design software with the Omni-Channel print business means a two-way integration will work to eliminate the need for double entries and ensure the information is up to date.

B2B portal will allow the customers to place their orders through a self-service, giving them control to select their own designs, edit templates, and order at any time. This will help the packaging business save the cost of hiring a team for managing orders.

Customers can order through the interactive and mobile-friendly website, which will be sent to the back-end, ensuring that the inventory information is updated.

When a print company sells products through an Omni Channel, they will have various inventories at various locations.

A web-to-print Omni Channel business will give customers an insight into what products are available in the online inventories of physical warehouses and what are not. This allows for an effortless inventory transfer, manages orders efficiently, and keeps the customer happy.


Whether a print packaging company owns a physical store or an e-commerce business, an Omni Channel integration like web-to-print will ensure connection with the customers offline and online.

It will provide unified, cost-effective and consistent packaging across multi-channels, such as retail, online and supply chain.

An Omni-Channel approach for a printing company means that it will provide a personalized experience to customers at all fronts. Customers can choose to customize designs, print or reprint orders as per their requirements.

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Moreover management and processing cost will be reduced, and the Omni Channel will ensure that more customers can discover the business online and offline.