How to Start Fashion Boutique Business? Small Business Idea for Indian woman Entrepreneur

Fashion Boutique

Starting your own Fashion Boutique Business or Ladies clothing boutique business in India can be a very rewarding and the most profitable small business ideas.

Location, Registration, staff, marketing, stocks, suppliers and operating your ladies clothing boutique business or fashion boutique business will require a lot of work and dedication, but with proper preparation, you can definitely make it in the field.

In this article, you will learn how to start ladies clothing business or fashion boutique business in India.

Find detail information about Investment, competition, marketing strategy, risk, License, Registration, and earning.

This is one of the most successful small business ideas in India. If you are planning to start ladies clothing boutique business or fashion boutique business in India, you are at the right place.

Fashion Boutique Business is one of the most profitable business idea for Indian women entrepreneurs.

So take your time to learn how to start a fashion boutique business or ladies clothing boutique business through this extensive article to find an awesome unique business idea for you!

Let’s get started!

To start a clothing boutique is a lucrative and enticing idea. There are lots of business opportunities available in this field.

Clothing boutique means where you cell unique and designer clothes. A boutique is a small store where you can sell stylish clothes.

Opening a clothing boutique doesn’t mean that you have to be a designer and need any degree.

Many small designers design and sells their clothes in minimum interest. You can contact them and can sell their products in your boutique. Or if you too are a designer then this is the right path for you.

These days every female and gents want to wear designer clothes, to stand out of crowd. They want stylish clothes, which were quite different from others. So, opening a boutique is not a bad idea.

In the fashion world, all celebrities wear designer clothes. The Celebrities have their designer and boutiques.

Designers too have their boutique, where they manufacture and sell their clothing. Some boutiques only sell other designer designed clothes. 

Popular and successful designers’ rates are high and minor designer sells in minimum rates. Now you have to choose the category with which you have to go. Both have a good margin in clothes.


If you are planning to open a clothing boutique on small scale the minimum investment is about 1 lack to 15 lack. It all depends upon the type of clothes you are choosing. The place is also mattering, if we see the investment. 

Starting a boutique from home will go in less investment. But if you want to take a shop in the lease or planned to buy, your investment will increase.

Investment increases if you planned for marketing too. So, design your strategy, if you are interested in a clothing boutique. By this, you can make an idea of investment.


Opening a boutique is profitable, but what type of garments are required? From where you can find that? And what is in the trend?

These all queries you have to find when you are doing market research. Check the market, which types of clothes are in trend. Meet the other boutique owner, what they are facing to drive a boutique and how they make out the profit from the selling.

What they do the stock of clothes that are not selling. You have to search the market to find out the answers. Check how they get the customers and which offer attracts them. 

After research, check your potential. Do you have the ability to handle boutique? Clothing boutique needs a little knowledge of trends and design.

So, check the fashion shows, fashion related websites and follow the celebrities for the latest designs. People like to follow the dress style of celebrities. 

By attractive explaining style, you can attract your customer and can increase gain. This can only happen when you have a good knowledge of design and clothes.


Yes, boutique needs little machinery. A boutique needs a sewing machine and an embroidery machine.

Sometimes customer buys a dress and needs little alteration, that you can do it in your shop. Give most of the facility to the customer, so that he/she will be your regular customer.


Make your mindset if you want to enter this business. First, check the market and decide which type of clothes you want to sell. Give a name to your boutique and find a dealer and order your products. Select a shop for your boutique and get started.


Location is the main thing in all business. Finding the right location is very important, as finding correct clothes.

The boutique should be in the main market area either nearby many residential areas. Research properly before opening a shop. Because it matters a lot for the boutique. 

Insurance Policy

An insurance policy is also necessary for the safety of your business. There are many companies, who provide an Insurance policy.

Check which policy is good for you. An insurance policy will save you from any calamities and you can get your claimed money.


All business need registration under the shop and establishment act. All legal formalities should be done in a month, given by the inspector of the area.

The statement required for the inspector is-

  • Name of the employer
  • The name and address of the business including the postal address
  • Category of business
  • Number of employees employed
  • Date on which the establishment commenced business.

Document needed for registration

  • Commercial Address proof
  • Identity proof
  • Pan Card
  • Fee, Payment Challan

The registration fee usually starts from 125 rupees to 12,500 rupees, It all upon the employee and manpower you are employing for the business.

If you have all the documents, you will get a license on the same day. If you are working from home, you don’t need to go for registration and a license.


Mostly one or two staff is sufficient for the business. It all depends on how big your boutique is? In the small boutique, you don’t need more staff 1 is sufficient.


This is the main thing you have to go for. If you had started the business and no one knows how the business will run without customer.

So before entering the business you have to decide about the marketing. That how to go forward after opening a boutique.

First, select the name of your boutique. The name should be related to your work. So that it will be easy to find the business.

Second, decide the logo. Nowadays the logo of the company is very important. People know the company by its logo.

Later when you want to expand your work, your company will be known by the logo. For the logo, you can contact any graphic designer.

Third, give a tagline to your boutique. Like –“Garments that make you classy”. Taglines always remain in the mind and show the business, you are dealing with. Later when you have your company website or page you need your name, logo, tagline there.

Forth, Make a website or a page on any social media page. In the pandemic time or when people have no time to shop, they can buy online. There you can show your different design and pattern of clothes.

Mention the price of the product. So that customer should know the price and buy accordingly. By online you can increase your business because now most of the business is online.

Fifth, Update your business on social media. Make a related product post with the Name of the company, logo, and tagline and update your daily new clothing design on social media like- what’s app, Instagram, telegram etc.

People are mostly in these applications. The regular post will aware your customer about your design and pattern.

Sixth, you can also go for pamphlets. Go for printing and distribute your pamphlet through a newspaper or by personal.

If you are little known for designing software, do all marketing by yourself, or hire a designer for this work.


Every business had risk. But if you are giving your full potential, the business will run smoothly. For running a business, you have to be with the trend.

Check what customer want? If you make things available for the customer according to their need, he/she will be back and send more customers to your shop.


In this business, your profit depends upon, how much margin you are taking clothes from the retailer. You can set your margin according to that. This is a profitable business if done strategically.


The clothing business is profitable if done with good strategy and marketing. You have to stand out from the market in design.

Giving attractive offers and scheme also attract customer. By offers and scheme, they visit and known to your shop.

You can get a good margin in your clothing if your design is unique and attractive. Customer pay when they get good design and material in the place. So, make a standard of your design to generate good revenue.

Is it profitable to start a clothing boutique? 

Yes, starting a clothing boutique is a profitable venture, because the clothing industry is made up of a very wide array of clothing items. The people of different age group need a designer and different clothes. So, a clothing boutique is a perfect business idea.

How big is the clothing business market?

The clothing market is very vast, with low risk. Like food business clothing is also essential. So, people choose their clothes accordingly. There are many brands in the market. Customer select clothes according to their budget.

How to increase revenue for your clothing business?

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If you are in a clothing market, you have to stand out in the market. You can increase your revenue with good strategies. Many big companies have occupied the market because they stand out in design. You have to do the same if you want to generate revenue.