How to Start Pollution Testing Center (PUC Center) and earn ₹30 thousand per month

Pollution Testing Center - PUC Center

Small Business Idea:  Start Pollution Testing Center or PUC Center

Here is step-by-step guide for opening a Pollution Testing Center or PUC Center:

If you want to earn money with low investment then this business idea is for you. Recently the Indian government has made pollution certificate mandatory for vehicles. You can invest and earn money by opening pollution testing center.

If you are looking the best business idea in India or planning to start your own business with little investment, you can earn up to Rs.30 per month by starting pollution-testing center.

To start your own small  business  you only need to at least invest 10 thousand rupees, after which you can start your own pollution testing center.

Your income will start from the first day you start pollution testing center. As an estimate, you can earn ₹1000 – 1500 rupees daily from this business. That means you can earn ₹ 30 thousand to 40 thousand rupees in a month.

If you are looking to do business then this is a great business opportunity. It will not require much capital, but you can start a business with only ten thousand rupees and the earning will also be good.

Through this at least you can earn ₹ 30 to 45 thousand rupees every month.  Recently, the Central Government has implemented the Motor Vehicles Act. Therefore, everyone needs a pollution certificate.

Since then, the business of Pollution Testing Center becomes profitable business in India. The reason is that the new law has strict instructions for fines.

Any negligence in this will not be tolerated. In such a situation, everyone is getting the pollution check of their vehicle done. In this way, you can also start this business. Through this, you can earn ₹ 30 thousand rupees every month.

You do not need much capital to start pollution testing center. You can start this business in just ten thousand rupees. The best thing is that the central government is also giving loans to start a business.

So you can take advantage of this. You can open a pollution testing center by investing little money. Your earning will start from day one. According to an estimate, you can earn ₹ 1000- 1500 per day. Meaning you can earn 30 to 50 thousand rupees in a month.

How to apply for pollution testing center

Pollution testing  center can be opened anywhere near automobile workshop, petrol pump.

  • To open a authorized Vehicle Pollution checking Center, first of all you have to get license from Regional Transport Officer (RTO).  Some states have the facility of online application.
  • To apply online, visit
  • No Objection Certificate has to be obtained from the local authority.

What are the conditions for opening an Authorized Pollution checking Centre?

  • Vehicle Pollution testing Centres can be opened only in yellow colored cabins as a mark of identification.
  • Cabin Size – Width 2 m, Length 2.5 m, Height 2 m.
  • It is necessary to write the license number on the pollution testing center.
  • Any firm, society, citizen, and trust of the country can start this business.

To start this business, one should have a certified certificate from Auto Mechanics, Automobile Engineering, Diesel Mechanics, Motor Mechanics, Scooter Mechanics, or Industrial Training Institute.

If you also want to start business with low investment then you can start Pollution Testing Center – PUC Center. This is one of the best business to start with little Money.

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