How to start Poultry Farm business in India: Village Business Idea

Poultry Farm

How to start Poultry Farm business in India: Village Business Idea

There are a lot of options when you want to start up business or career in India. Now a days there are lots of opportunities in Poultry Farm business in India. If you are looking to start a Poultry Farming business, then following article is for you.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to start poultry farm business in India. Poultry farming is the method of raising many types of domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and others for the purpose of obtaining their eggs, meat or feathers.

Poultry farming Industry in India

Poultry farm business is growing industry in India. A few years back, most of the people were involved in some kind of traditional farming, be it vegetables farming, fish farming or any other small and basic farming.

However, with the growing demand of organic food in India, a lot of farmers are shifting from conventional farming to modern and commercial way of growing food by using advanced technologies like hydroponics, aeroponics and so on.

The general idea behind this revolution is that contemporary ways of producing food are much better than conventional ones.

The Indian poultry industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12% over the next 10 years. This growth will be driven by factors such as increased demand for protein as well as good returns on investment (ROI).

Another factor that may be driving this growth is that farmers do not have much choice when it comes to alternative sources of income.

Poultry farming has been identified as a viable option for many small farmers across the country because it requires minimal capital investment, does not require high skill levels, and provides good returns on investment.

The poultry industry in India offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to enter into this space.

It also provides an excellent opportunity for foreign investors who can partner with local entrepreneurs by providing them with technical expertise or by investing directly into their companies through joint ventures (JVs).

The poultry industry is growing at a rapid pace in India and according to a report by Crisil Research, the poultry sector has been growing at a CAGR of more than 10% over the past five years. The production of eggs and meat has been increasing steadily over this period as well.

How to Start Poultry Farm Business in India

Poultry farm business is one of the profitable food businesses in India. There are a lot of chances for both urban and rural poultry farming.

Anyone can start poultry farm business in India as the whole process is easy. Here, We have discussed all the necessary requirements to start poultry farming, poultry business type, cost involved, profit etc..

Poultry farming is a very profitable business. In India, the demand for eggs, meat and poultry products is increasing day by day.

There are many people who are interested in starting this business. But most of them are not aware of how to go about it.

If you want to start poultry farming business then you should have proper knowledge about this industry.

If you have the required knowledge and experience then you can easily start poultry business in India. The main advantage of starting this business is that it does not require any investment as compared to other businesses like dairy farms and vegetable shops etc. However, there are some requirements which should be fulfilled before starting this business.

If you have good knowledge about day to day care of poultry which includes brooding, feeding, watering, disease management and so on.  Then you can start poultry farming business in India very easily.

We also are going to give you an insight into poultry and small scale poultry farming in India. After reading this article, you will be able to successfully set up a poultry farm in your city.

Why this business?

Poultry farming is one of the most rewarding businesses to start in India. In fact, it is one of the most preferred choices for people who are looking for a profitable venture with little investment.

Nowadays Poultry farming is one of the most profitable business in India. You can start your poultry farm with low investment, but if you want to get high profit then you have to invest more money.

You don’t need to have a big land for starting your poultry farm business in India. You can start with small space too. But make sure that you have enough space for keeping your chickens, feeding them and other things related to your poultry farming business.

If you are planning to start poultry farming business then here is a blog post for you which will help you to know about the steps involved in starting a poultry farm in India. Poultry Farming is one of the most profitable businesses in India.

This business can turn out to be a great source of income if you are planning to start it on a large scale. You can also start this business on a small scale as well.

Poultry farming is also known as chicken farming. Poultry refers to the birds such as chicken, duck, turkey, guinea fowl etc.

In guide, we will discuss some important tips that you should follow while starting poultry farming business in India:


The first step is to find a suitable place for your farm. It should be close to water supply and electricity supply so that you can easily manage the entire operation without any hassle.

Choose the right breed for your farm:

The second step towards starting a poultry farm is choosing the right breed for your farm. You can choose any breed according to your needs and requirements. Some of the common breeds available include broiler chicken, layer chicken, duck and turkey etc.,


It is very important to keep an eye on diseases as they can spread quickly if not controlled timely. Therefore always use protective measures such as vaccination and medication from veterinarians at regular intervals so that no disease remains undetected for long duration of time which may result into death of birds if not treated immediately.


In order to start your own poultry farm, you must have all necessary facilities available at hand such as electricity supply, drinking water etc. You should also plan on how much money you need to invest in buying chicks from hatcheries or by ordering them online.


You will need equipment like incubators for hatching eggs, brooders for rearing chicks etc before starting your own poultry farm so make sure that these are available with you before investing money.

Get the necessary knowledge and training:

Before you begin any venture, it is essential to get all the necessary knowledge about it. In this case, you need to understand how chicken farming works, what are its benefits and what are the costs involved in running such a business.

The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has published a manual called ‘Poultry Farming Manual’ which provides information about this industry in India. You can download this manual from the FSSAi website for free.

Choose the right breed:

Every type of poultry requires specific care as well as feed depending on their origin or breed. Some birds like turkeys require more space than others whereas ducks need less space because they spend most of their time on water rather than land.


The housing is needed by the birds in order to protect them from predators and adverse weather conditions.

The housing should be designed in such a way that it provides adequate space to each bird so that they can move freely with ease.

It should also provide protection from external factors like rain etc. The housing unit consists of various parts like roosts, feeders etc. The hen house consists of perches where the hens sit while they sleep or rest during day time hours.

1) Know About The Poultry Farm Business Plan:

Understanding the plan will help you understand how much money you need to invest and what is needed for starting this business.

2) Know The Market Demand For Your Products:

Knowing the market demand will help you decide how many birds should be raised by you every day so that they can meet the demand of your products in the market at all times.

3) Know Your Costs And Expenses:

It is very important to know your costs because they will indicate whether your business will be profitable or not once started. You can get the cost estimates from different sources like government bodies or private companies.

Why start a Poultry Farm Business in India?

There are many benefits of starting your own poultry farm business. Here are some:

1) You can run this business from anywhere

2) It requires less investment than other industries like dairy or cattle farming (the capital cost required ranges between Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs)

3) It’s a low-maintenance industry (since birds don’t require much attention)


It is important to understand that there are various types of poultry farms in India. Each type has its own pros and cons. Before starting any business, it is essential to choose one that suits your requirements perfectly.

The poultry industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India and it contributes nearly 1/3rd of total revenue of livestock sector.

There are about 565 million birds which are slaughtered for consumption every year out of which about 70% come from poultry farms and rest 30% from slaughter houses.

The Government of India has set up many schemes to promote poultry farming in India such as Integrated Scheme for Poultry Development (ISPD), National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA), Improved Backyard Egg Scheme (IBES) etc. The Government is also providing subsidies on inputs like chicks, feed etc., through these schemes.

Poultry is one of the most important sectors in India. Poultry industry has been registered a growth rate of 20% to 25% over the last few years. It has been considered as a sunrise industry which is growing rapidly and has huge potential.

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