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Start stationery business and earn money

The majority of stationery business is done offline as people visit stores to buy their stationery needs.

However, online selling of stationery is growing as more and more people tend to shop from home sitting in front of the computer.

It offers convenience and ease because there is no need for a person to step outside their house or office just to buy stationery.

This article will help you to know how to start stationary business in India and whether starting a stationery business is profitable or not. Now, let’s find out more about How to start stationery business in India by reading this article. We hope you like it!

The trial and error method:

If you really want to make sure if the stationery business idea suits you, there is only one way possible : TRY IT.

There are no shortcuts to experience. Get an idea about the types of stationeries that you would like to sell, find out their prices in wholesale and retail markets, establish your network of suppliers, keep aside enough cash in order to supply the goods in time.

Once everything is ready go ahead with it. If things are not going right there’s no need to get disappointed; just find out the cause of failure and do it again after correcting your mistakes.

Basics to keep in mind:

Stationery business is not only limited to writing materials like pens, pencils, notebooks etc. You can sell any stationery item as per your choice or convenience. But you need to be clear about certain basics before getting into it.

You should know your targeted customers well, the prices of stationery items in wholesale and retail markets. If you are planning to distribute stationery materials then it’s important for you to establish a good network with suppliers.

Offer quality products:

No problem can be solved by offering poor quality material. It will only increase your cost and lead to wastage.

Ensure that what you are offering is of good quality and in accordance with the current market trends.

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Keep an eye on upcoming new products and try to add them in your stock as soon as possible. Be innovative in your approach and keep providing items according to customer tastes and preferences.

Finding The Right Suppliers:

To make your stationary items you will need paper and other materials. Now, if these papers and materials are not of good quality then it may lead to wastage or spoil your product.

So, first find the right suppliers who can supply you with high quality material at affordable prices.

Also try to develop a rapport with them so that you can get the best possible rates in future. While choosing a stationery supplier, do not forget to consider the location of his company.

It would be better if they are located nearby or in such a place from where your goods can easily reach them without any delay. This will save time and energy thus reducing cost and wastage.


Stationery items are generally distributed through wholesale market or retail shops. If you want to distribute stationery materials then it’s important for you to have a strong network with these wholesale markets because this is where majority of the demand is met from.

In case, if you have your own shop in which you want to sell your stationery then you can contact these wholesale markets and ask them if they need your products in their market or not.

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If the answer is positive then try to get a contract with them. Once, you will have a good network of retailers and wholesalers then it will be easier for you to set up your own stationary shop.

Target Customers:

Stationery items are not meant only for children. They are useful to all age groups. You can target people according to their professions or needs or you can also have separate stationary shops catering the different requirements of clients.

For instance, if you want to start stationery shop then it will be better for you to open it under the roof of a building that houses offices. You can sell items like pens, pencils, notebooks etc.

to students and employees in this office building. The most profitable stationery is not necessarily the most popular one; it’s just your creativity that matters.

Keep trying out new styles and ideas to make original products so that you can attract more clients and outdo your competitors.

in line with changing trends and offering them products according to their tastes and preferences.

Selling Stationery:

To sell stationery items like pencils, pens or any other item, first of all make sure that you have the knowledge about their rates in wholesale and retail markets.

You can go to wholesale markets and ask for quotations or you can look out for the rates of such items in retail markets as well.

Once, you will have a fair idea about their prices, you can put up your stationary shop anywhere at your convenient location.

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Another way is to distribute stationery materials through retailers and wholesalers who buy these items in wholesale and then sell them in retail.

This is a good way of getting orders from retailers, however, you will have to invest more money on this distribution channel.

In any case, do not neglect the needs of your customers and always offer high quality products at reasonable prices. In this way, you can make a niche for yourself in this competitive market.

You can even supply stationery items to retailers on commission basis. In this case, the main thing is not to sell your products at a very low price because it will lead to loss of profit margin.

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The competitive strength of a stationary shop lies not only in selling items but also in its distribution system.

If you can sell items on a regular basis then it will not only save time but also reduce cost and wastage.

In the end, if you have good business sense, then this shop can turn into a successful venture for you.

How can I start my own stationery business in India?

Stationery business is something where you need to handle both wholesale and retail markets.

You can do it either by opening a stationery shop or becoming the distributor of stationery items for particular products.

If you are planning to open a stationery shop then it’s essential to have knowledge about the products that are currently trending in the market.

While on the other hand, if you are planning to become a distributor then it’s important for you to know which items are in high demands and can generate more profit from the business.

Is stationery business profitable in India?

Stationery is an essential product that is required everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether a person is having his own business or is employed somewhere; stationery items are required in both the cases.

Thus, it can be said that making a stationery shop or starting a wholesale stationary business is not at all risky.

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As per the recent forecasts, the stationary industry in India is expected to grow further by 12% within next three years i.e. 2018-2020. People having good business acumen can easily earn handsome profit through the stationery business.

Stationery shop business plan in India:

Many people are interested in starting their own stationery shop but they find it difficult to decide which items should be stocked and where is the best place for opening the shop is.

For example, you can choose a major retail market place of the city for opening a stationery shop.

Make a list of products that are in high demands and have good profit margin. Calculate your total monthly expenditure regarding rent, salary, transportation etc.

If you find yourself comfortable then start a stationary business but remember don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose as this is a risky business.

How much does it cost to start a stationery business?

If you are planning to open a stationary shop then firstly you need to do some market research to check whether people are interested to buy stationery items from a particular location or not.

The investment required to start a stationary shop varies from business to business. It depends on the location of your shop, size of the shop and your supplier as well as distribution channel.

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If you have good knowledge about wholesale stationery items then it will be easier for you to generate more profit from your stationary business.

It’s important for you to establish a strong supply chain as per the demand; otherwise people will start looking for your competitors.

How do you sell stationery items?

Stationary business can be started with zero investment and within few weeks time if you have some knowledge regarding the product and its prices.

Don’t try to sell every product at a fixed price; it will affect your business badly. You should keep some products with lower rates and add items that are in high demand but have slightly higher rate than the previous one.

This strategy will allow you to attract more customers towards your shop or establish a strong network with wholesale dealers.

The market of stationary is huge as people need such products throughout their lives. If you are thinking about starting a stationery shop then do some research and find the best location for your business.

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The shop should be well planned inside out because it will reflect your personality to the customers.

Last but not the least, you should have strong supply chain and should keep the products displayed in such a manner that it attracts passersby.

Also, don’t forget to advertise yourself so that people get to know about your shop and its location.

It’s easy to get into the stationary business but deciding on the item to be sold is really important. You just can’t sell any random item that comes your way; you need to do proper research and then only proceed.

Small business ideas in India that you can start from home with low investment

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