Small Business Idea: How to Start Tour and Travel Business in India

tour and travel business

The tours and travel agency is one of the most important organizations in the tourism private sector. The travel agency has many big and fast responsibility that they have to full fill.

Daily millions of people travel, and they all need related reservations and destination descriptions for their scheduled time and places.

They always need the best tours and travel agency who handle all their burden of tickets to vehicle and vehicle to hotels. 

Travel agencies can also serve as general sales agents for airlines that do not have offices in a specific region.

A travel company’s main function is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a supplier.

If you also want to start tour and travel business from home with low investment then you can start travel agency from home. This is one of the best Small Profitable Business Ideas to start with little Money.

The good thing of tour and travel business is that you can start this business from your home only by investing very low investment and earn money from home.

Here is the best small profitable business idea to start with little money for Indian entrepreneurs. Anyone can start this profitable business easily from home and earn money.

In this article, you will learn how to start tour and travel business in India. If you want to start Travel Company in India, you are at the right place.

Find detail information about Investment, License and Registration, Risk, Marketing, and Profit. This is one of the most profitable small business idea in India.

Hope, in this small business idea, you find useful information about tour and travel business. Entrepreneurs can start this low investment business.


There is not much investment in the travel agency. You can start it from low investment, and later you can raise.

What first you have to do is, you have to hire a good graphic designer for your company logo and for the website, by which a customer gets full information about your travel Guide and know about your travel deals.

With little investment and knowledge of work, you can earn a good amount and later can succeed more.

In starting you can open in a small room with Computer, printer, fax machine and staff. Later you with your dealing you can go for bigger with more staff.

Market research and potential

Before indulging in any business you have to check what the market is saying about the business.

What is the need of the customer, and by which price you can beat the market? In a tour agency, you have to check how other competitors work and attract clientage with offers and discounts. There are many things in that you have to work in Like…

Affordable price

Before entering in a business of tour and travel agency, go through some details, so that you have the entire knowledge of the market.

Check how prices go, and what deals are given by other competitors. In deals what they are providing.

Like if it is a business tour then what type of package and another advantage they are presenting.

And in what budget. So that you know complete pricing and you can give more attractive package In front of the customer.

Instant Feedback

Get instant feedback after every tour or customer dealing, so that you know where are you lacking, and what can be done more to establish your company.

Feedback notifies that where you are lacking and what your company needed more to overcome. If the customer is satisfied with your work, he will contact you again.

Research what customer wants. If he wants for family tour, business tour, marriage destination, get together. How to deal with all these packages.

Make a little question page on the web and send a link, by asking the questions how and what they want from the tour company, by this you can get good customer review.


You have to research the market, how and what services are needed to fulfil the customer requirement. The customer always wants his comfort.

What he wants can be done easily at an affordable price. Check your potential of your By taking your company to the place. Before starting your tour and travel Agency check what machinery needed to start your work. 

To start any tour and travel company, you always need a fast-working computer with good internet accessibility, a good printer, scanner, a business mobile phone or landline phone, fax machine etc.

All this needed to start your company. A fast-working computer with good speed of internet. It is compulsory because you have to do all your work with encompassing computer.

You need fast access internet for booking seats in bus, train or plane. A good printer machine for billing, and for giving the full description of the package. So that customer will not be confused and have all details in hand.


Go through the process of work. There are many things that you should know about the tour and travel. You should know the whole process of working.

About billing, documents you needed from the customers, the full information of customers, what papers you have to provide the customer related to his/her tour. 


Before opening a tour company, you have to check the location, which is good for your company. The location should be in a business hub or in a place where people can reach you easily. Check the place where the percentage of people who live who can effort your criteria.

Registration & license required for travel agency in India

Before entering a business, you have to take the license and registration of the company. There are two ways to start a travel company. The one is tradition and the other is the smart way.

First, we will talk about the traditional way to register a company. First, contact any C.A with an appointment.

He will ask you to come with a bunch of papers, that you have to submit him and then you will get the approximate date of registration of your company. This process takes a little bit of time.

Another smart way for travel company registration. There are plenty of startups out there. Including those that would be a one-stop solution for all your legal and financial needs to start your business in India.

There are many companies of C. A who assures that they will register your company easily without running around to multiple places for documents.

You can start your company in 15 days with a good C.A. The things you need to start is. GST registration of the company, PAN card, Identity proof, Address proof, Shop & Establishments Act Registration, Current bank account.

You don’t need much money to complete paperwork, For a solo proprietorship firm, but you have to pay less to get started, one can start with low as Rs. 1500. 

There are few more things that you have to go through about registering the company

  • You have to choose a company name.
  • You can apply online with the ministry of Corporation Affairs for the DIN (Director Identification Number)
  • Register online for DSC (Digital signature certificate)
  • Gather your application materials.
  • Complete e-form 1A
  • File form 1A online to apply for company name
  • Draft the Memorandum of association (MoA)and Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Notarized MoA and AoA
  • Pay the registration and filing fees online
  • Find the corresponding RoC office to file your application
  • Gather your complete application documents
  • File your application documents
  • File your application one with the RoC
  • Collect the certificate of Incorporation
  • Ready to do business

Staff Requirement

Check how much staff you require in starting the business. In starting you require less staff only 1 or 2 staff is sufficient in start-up your Tour and Travel Agency.


Tour and travel business needs good marketing. You need to go for social media, Facebook or Instagram. If you have a big budget you can go for an advertisement. in the leading newspaper or can do in T.V ads too.

To be in the market you have to daily update your company page or social media posts, so that whenever the customer needs travel agents your company came into his/her mind. 

Go for any good tagline, that reminds your company name in mind. Tag lines often stay in the mind. The company has to always connect to the customer.

Graphic designer and marketing agents will boost your company name and work. That will be a great help to establish your Tour company.


Every business has risk, so as a travel company. Sometimes company can’t grow and get bankrupt, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to start a business.

In Tour Company, many times customer didn’t pay and works in an accounting system in which company will take payment at the month end, or in the year-end.

This is risky if the customer didn’t pay the company money was blocked and it can be suffered.

Earning and profit

Most travel agencies take profit from service fee, net/private fares, and airline commissions.

The majority of airline tickets don’t pay commission; Travel agencies have a commission on tickets that fall into a certain class of service or certain routings.

At last, I can say that every business has ups and downs, so do not hesitate to involve in any business.

Tour and Travel Agency business can be done easily with good profit if you had studied all marketing strategies and process of doing work.

This business can be started in a small place with less investment. If you have a good knowledge of places and can plan a good schedule for your customer, this business is best for you.

Tour and travel agency have many responsibilities related to the travel details of customers. They have to full fill their all requirements like tickets, hotels, visa, travel accessories, travel insurance, foreign currency. 

The Agencies works according to the customer budget. They also handle business trips. Where they have to handle all the responsibilities and to arrange the meeting place to a destination.

That will be suited for all. They do not keep inventory in hand unless they have pre-booked hotel room or cabins on a cruise ship for a travel event such as a honeymoon, wedding, or another group event.

The agencies have to provide air ticket, car rental service, cruise line, hotels booking, railways reservation, travel insurance, Bus booking, package tour, travel insurance, guidebooks, VIP airport tickets.

What is the average investment of a travel agent?

In starting the margin is less but 2 or more-year experience $30,000. This is for travel agent startup, regardless of whether it’s a host agency, consortia or franchise.

What is the travel agency margins?

The margins of travel agency come from booking flights and hotels and adding service fees for the time spent. Hotel chains, guest house and resorts have referrals booking fee for travel agency partners, as well.

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