How to Travel Abroad with Your Bike: 4 Different Ways

Travel Abroad with Your Bike

No matter if you’re an avid cyclist or not, cycling is a sport that can bring pleasure to your boring life. Right? When it comes to cycling abroad, it will surely add a fantastic touch of joy. If you are a seasoned biker, you might love to take your bike to travel abroad.

Well, in this article, we’ve compiled the ways on how to travel abroad with your bike. So if you’re about to head out with your iconic touring bike to travel abroad, reading this blog is recommended to get help.

How to Travel Abroad with Your Bike

  1. Independent Cycling

If you are running on a tight budget, independent cycling can be the most economical form of bike travel. In this way, you have to design your own trip.

All you need to do is to drag your bike out of the garage, plan your own route, carry your own backpacks, and cook your own food.

Also, don’t look for luxury hotels. Make a camp for the night or rent a basic hotel. This is the secret adventurer cyclists travel across continents spending fewer pennies.

No doubt, independent cycling is an economical option that will cost you not more than $10 but it can be a little intimidating for you to change tires and carry luggage.

Our recommendation for you is to pack a lightweight backpack and to convince someone for moral support and for giving you company.

  1. Group Cycling

Going with a group can be a great alternative to independent cycling, especially for newbies. You’ll find some charities or nonprofit clubs that arrange such rides. They will plan for the route and accommodation as well as will help you fix mechanical issues.

Now it comes to the cost. Right? Well, group cycling will cost you close to what you will be spending on an independent tour without the hassle of planning.

Remember- the group can grow up to 1000 members that can make the campsites noisy. So, including earplugs in your backpack is recommended for restful nights.

  1. Self-Guided Cycling

As a mid-range option, self-guided cycling tours are arranged in packages around the world by tour companies.

The packages come with a daily plan including quiet paths and accommodations (farmhouses to luxury hotels), bike rents, and many more. When you are on a self-guided tour, you will be free to stop by a lake, swim in it, or visit a museum.

Australia and Netherland have such places great for solo bike touring you can opt for. Hundreds of families go to those paths every summer. 

Self-guided tours may cost you $100-$150 but will provide you the flexibility to stop wherever you want. Our recommendation is to bring some phase books to gather some knowledge on the local language.

  1. Luxury Group Tours

Looking for a luxury adventure tour instead of a small budget, a luxury group tour can be the best bet for you. No fear!

This won’t cost you a lot but close to what you will be spending on a bus tour. In this type of travel, there will be a leader cycling alongside, a van to carry your essentials and a 24/7 mechanic on call.

This type of tour can cost you around $450 per day but you’ll be provided with fine dining and luxury hotels. Include luxury clothes in your backpack for wearing in the evening. 

Additional Tips to Consider

  • Opt for a second-hand bike if you need to buy one. Take help from your bike-savvy friend to hunt around for a sturdy used model. Do the same for other gears like cycling bags, panniers, and racks. You can go through the online sites for purchasing one. 
  • Invest dollars on folding bikes as they are great for those who are planning for overseas tours and would like to make a breeze to avoid extra charges while touring on a bus, train, or airplane. Also, folding bikes are easy to carry to your room for maximum security.
  • Avoid hotels for accommodation. Look for local cyclists who’ll open their house for you to stay for a night instead. You’ll be able to achieve this opportunity in more than dozens of countries in the EU.
  • Explore nearby if you’re not trying to get rid of winter. Avoid spending tons of dollars on a flight when you can take the bike adventure nearby to your home or your friend’s home leaving a nearby state. Our recommendation is to start with familiar territory.
  • Train yourself well before heading out for a long tour. Running can be a good idea to help your muscles prevent any potential injuries.


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Hopefully, by reading this giveaway, you have got a clear idea of traveling abroad with your bike. Your backpack checklist should be according to your needs. If you go overseas, do not forget to take your passport and other essentials with you.