How to Use Custom Printed Boxes to Improve Sales?

Custom Printed Boxes

How to Use Custom Printed Boxes to Improve Sales?

If you have quality products in your business, but are still struggling to boost your sales up to that level, then it is time to give a thought to the semblance of your product.

Is it a plain looking conventional type of packaging? Is it the same boring typical packaging that doesn’t interest people anymore?

If yes, then it is the right time to switch to a more unique style of packaging that would not just attract the potential customers towards your product, but could also actually convince them into purchasing your products over any other similar brands’ products. A simple key to this is using “Custom Printed Boxes” for your product packaging.

When it comes to increasing the exposure of your brand in the market, custom printed boxes can be the go to solution.

They serve multiple purposes, from improving the visuals and overall look of the product to being an effortless and effective way of advertising.

Here, given below are some of the most appropriate ways in which these custom printed boxes can be used to improve sales of your products:

Protection of the Product:

It is very important to ensure that your product doesn’t get damaged in transit and the contents inside the packaging stay intact.

The custom printed boxes play a vital role in making sure that your product remains safe throughout its journey and reaches the customer in its perfect condition.

This enables you to give your customers a memorable unboxing experience, thus leading them to re-purchase your products and even bringing in more sales, in the sense that satisfied customers act as ambassadors for any business.

Lasting Impression:

It is rightly said that, first impression is the last impression. So, in order to give your customers a lasting impression of your product, it is important for you to design the outer look or the packaging of the product in a way that not just enhances your customer’s unboxing experience, but also makes them come back for your product again and again.

And one of the most efficient techniques to do this is, by using custom box printing. With a very little extra cost, you can easily leave a lasting impression on your customers and boost your sales up to great levels.

Adding Value to Your Brand:

Using custom printed boxes for your product packaging with a logo of your business printed on it, or by adding a modest sticker or label of it on the box can add value to your brand.

It is always easier for the customers to recognize a logo of the brand in place of remembering the product’s or business’s name.

By adding the logo on your custom boxes, you are actually advertising your product and enhancing the brand visibility among your customers. In short, these custom printed boxes speak volumes about your business and products.

Exceptionally Good Quality Materials:

When talking about the packaging of the product, it becomes very essential to choose the right printing techniques and packaging materials for your product to look good and give an enticing visual impression to your customers.

This includes choosing a durable packaging material that is capable of protecting the contents inside it. The most common quality materials used for custom printed boxes are cardboard and kraft, which are not only eco-friendly materials but are also budget friendly. This makes it a perfect fit for ensuring the safety of the products, that too at a very low cost.

Aesthetics of the Packaging:

It is substantial to be more creative when it comes to the aesthetics of the packaging. This would mean opting for some unique designs, styles and colours for your custom printed boxes, rather than going for the conventional ones.

The box has to be just of the right size and shape that perfectly fits your product inside. Talking about the design and colour of the box, it is always recommended to choose what represents your brand in the best way.

For instance, you can choose the colours for your boxes that are closely associated or similar to your company’s theme colours.

Or, if you are adding your logo on the box, then the contrasting colours would also work well. One important thing to be kept in mind while choosing the colours is that they should be bright enough to seek the attention of the customers.

In this way, even the aesthetics of the custom printed boxes can turn out to be a crucial factor in enhancing the sales of a business.


By now, it might be clear to you how your sales can be improved by using custom printed boxes for the packaging of your product.

Hence, the visual of your custom packaging boxes are essential to grab the attention of customers. And regardless of how attractive the packaging lookis, it should even be strong enough to keep the products intact and give a positive experience to customers.

By following the above mentioned tips and tricks, you can determine the purchasing decisions of your customers and extend the sales of your products upto great extent.

Need to know more? If you would like to know more about the different types of custom packaging solutions or the ways in which packaging determines the sales of your business, you are most welcome to our Studio FYUL.

We have years of experience in providing one of the best custom printed boxes and our expert team will guide you throughout the process and ponder you with knowledge about certain other printing and packaging solutions that could be suitable for your business, and help you in making the right decision.

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