How to Use the Corcel Package to Integrate WordPress into Laravel?

Wordpress into Laravel

WordPress is the most well-known open-source project in the PHP world, and through the use of the WordPress developer APIs, it enables developers to extend its functionalities.

As a developer, you have probably or surely been in a situation when your clients ask you to make a website for their company, and they say, “I want something like WordPress.”

Yes, many of you have been through that and have been at that crossroad to customize a WordPress template to customer needs or spend a little more time developing something from scratch.

You can use WordPress to create your products quickly, you already know that. However, it doesn’t follow recent PHP changes, and because of this, you can use it with other frameworks like Laravel to balance this out.

Laravel WordPress combination can permit you to control how your web application is developing and if it is improving and going in the right direction.

One of the significant advantages of working with Laravel is that all its functions and plugins make it possible to build very complex projects quickly.

And how can you get data from your WordPress database quickly? You will only need your Laravel, a WordPress installation, and the installation of Composer, which is a Corcel package.

Have you ever heard of Corcel? It allows you to connect your application with other frameworks, but it was explicitly created for Laravel.

For laravel WordPress API Corcel will allow you to use WordPress as the back-end administration of your project for data entry, like posts or custom post types, directly from your Laravel application.

Of course, if you want to have a simple website, with WordPress as a blog, and the two separate applications, but the website receiving the posts, for example, lists the latest posts on the site’s main page, then Corcel is not necessary.

WordPress already comes with this functionality, but if the case is more complex than this one, then keep reading.

Laravel WordPress integration

How To Use Corcel WordPress?

Step1: You need to install Corcel

It’s as simple as Composer requires jgrossi-corcel code to add Corcel to your project.

Step 2: Laravel for Corcel must be configured and set up database connection

After that, you’ll need to set up Corcel using Laravel’s configuration. CorcelServiceProvider must be included in your config/app.php file for this to work.

To ensure that your database is set up correctly, you’ll need to configure the configuration file. There will also be a configuration file where you’ll control the database connection with your WordPress tables.

The config/corcel.php file is where you’ll need to specify the database connection that Corcel should use.

If you want to integrate Laravel and WordPress with Corcel, you can create your model classes instead of using the default ones.

Step 3: Setting up project parameters

It is possible to use your new integration in a variety of ways. As for the parameters, you’ll need a look at your documentation to find out. So you can connect posts, custom post types, and shortcodes to taxonomies and custom fields.

It’s pretty simple to implement for anyone with the slightest familiarity with Laravel. This approach may seem unnecessary for those who don’t use WordPress, but the tool is excellent for what it proposes, which is to manage content.

SEO professionals are the best platform, with countless ways to measure results and easily. But, on the other hand, in some situations, the programmer may prefer to be less stuck and possibly do things more freely.

Especially if you are more familiar with Laravel, this feature allows us to go further, as far as our imagination takes, considering that Laravel is the most popular framework on the market.

It doesn’t tie up the programmer in most cases (there are always exceptions). And that’s all, using a content management platform that is very familiar to many people.

So although it is essential to study how WordPress works, it is not enough to know Laravel and Corcel.

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Only do it if it is essential and advantageous. Then, you always have to analyze because each case is different, and this article only brought to light information that perhaps many do not have heard of, thus opening up more possibilities for developers. You may not need it now, but maybe one day you will.