How to wash a North face backpack?


The north face backpack is the perfect option if you’re a traveling lover or need to travel for work. The north face is an ideal choice for travelers with a classic bag.

These bags are small, totally lightweight, shorter gateway, and perfect for tours. Also, these see-through backpack do not cause any back pain even if you fill them with heavy stuff.

The custom-fit waist belt, sternum strap, and whistle buckle save your back from discomfort and feel less pressure on your body.     

These bags do not get dirty fast because they are designed with high-quality waterproof fiber, but sometimes and in some places, we need to go with a proper hygienic bag for protection, safety, and cleaning purposes.

Now, the question is can you wash your north face backpack? Yes, it would be best if you used clean stuff.

It would be soundest to wash it, but not every method is applicable for cleaning the north face backpack.  

Ways to wash a north face backpack 

Different ways you found to wash a north face backpack, but the best one is to wash it manually. A few steps of cleaning backpacks are described below, and you can use any of them. 

  • Use Cloth

The easiest way to clean the north face backpacks is to spot clean with a damp cloth. After cleaning, please keep it in the air or sunlight and let it dry. 

  • Try Wipes

This step is primarily preferable for the traveler. If you are traveling or somewhere outside the home and feel that your north face backpack will get dirty, wipes are the best choice. Take wipe and clean the backpack in a few minutes. 

  • By Hands

These north face backpacks have a protective coating that can be damaged if washed in the machine. That’s why it is preferable to pass it by manually. 

Put some detergent in a tub of water and mix it in a circular motion. Place the bag pack in it and sock it for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water, keep it in the fresh air, and dry it. 

  • Use polishing liquid 

Several polishing liquids are available in stores that are used to polish your north face backpack and turn it as new without washing it. You can also purchase these liquids online from any website. 

Make sure to clean the dust off the bag with a dry cloth, spread some liquid on the clean cotton cloth, and start polishing your bag. In a few minutes, you’ll get a clean, shining bag without washing it. 

  • Sock in warm water

Detergents are somehow chemicals and not suitable for your north face backpack fabric. Sometimes, the bag pack is not clean by wipes, and you need to wash it properly. Washing without soap and detergent is sounds complicated but not much.

You need a tub of warm-hot water and sock your bag in it for an hour. Slightly clean it with a small brush and dry it in the air. 

  • Safety

Don’t wash your backpacks in the machine. 

Tap the bag with a towel after washing it to remove excess water. 

Never rinse it with a dryer because heat can damage its fabric. 

Do not use bleach for cleaning the north face backpack. 


North Face backpacks are considered the best ones. I recommend you start cleaning it in smooth ways and then move to the next once in case of not finding results.

Some of us don’t wash our backpacks, worrying that they’ll be damaged, but if you follow these tips and safety points, then your north face backpack will not break, and you’ll take a clean backpack with you. 

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