How to wear the cufflinks?


How to wear the cufflinks?

You’ve finally saved cash to purchase a set of cufflinks you’ve had your eye on for months, but now that you have them, you’re not sure how to wear them so you can show them off to your friends and peers.

All this time spent saving money was worth it – these cufflinks are crafted from fine materials and have stunning designs! But will people even notice them if you’re wearing the wrong outfit? Thankfully, there are numerous ways to wear your cufflinks with style – here are some of our favorites!

Colors to Consider

  • Choose an outfit and style of dress shirt that is suitable for the occasion and can accommodate wearing a tie. 
  • Put on a long-sleeve shirt beneath your suit jacket. 
  • Knot a tie in a preferred pattern, then slip it inside your dress shirt’s open collar. 
  • Face forward and grip both ends of your tie with one hand, using the other to hold onto its center. Pull up on both ends so that they are around three inches apart.
  • Rotate one end of your tie, so it is at a right angle with its other half.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t wear a tie if you are not wearing a jacket or the shirt is tucked in. 
  • Do button up your cuffs if they are unbuttoned. 
  • Don’t fuss too much with your dress shirt, as this will only make it look messy. 
  • Do tuck in the front of your shirt below where it is buttoned. 
  • Make sure that when you undo your cuffs, they don’t unbutton themselves in mid-fussing. 
  • Please don’t overdo it and put on more than one set of cufflinks at once or leave them hanging around where people could grab them for themselves.

Single Links or Double Links

  1. You should always select a shirt before putting on your suit and dress shirt. This will help with the placement of your cufflinks and give you an idea of how far down on your sleeve the clips should be located. If the shirt you selected has smaller sleeves, it’s recommended that you opt for single links. 
  2. Place one clip through a buttonhole in your suit jacket or waistcoat and place the other link through one of the buttonholes on either side of your cuffs. 
  3. Line up both clips, so they are facing forward and resting on top of each other when worn properly. 
  4. Adjust until comfortable! You can also use our cufflink knotter to secure the loops if needed. 
  5. The rule of thumb is that if the lower end of your first link (closest to your hand) ends above where the second link ends (closer to your wrist), you have double links. Vice versa, if the lower end of the first link ends below where the second one begins, you have single links.


Cufflinks are a classy accessory that can add an elegant touch. Wearing them is not as easy as it sounds, and you’ll need to follow certain rules of thumb if you want them to look right.

To start, make sure your shirt cuffs are wide enough. A single button cuff should work well with most styles of shirts, but if your shirt has two buttons or more, a sleeve buttonhole opening may present itself on the inside of your wrist.

In this instance, consider wearing clip-on style cufflinks that easily clip onto either side of your sleeve button.

If your shirt is made from non-traditional fabric, like linen, you might need some pinback-type cufflinks instead. So get more ideas about cufflinks from Maximillian studio because it is a great composer of cufflinks collection

Men’s Fashion Tips

  • Cufflinks are an understated form of jewelry for men. They may be tinny, but they can make a statement like a woman’s earrings or necklace. 
  • Cufflink size and design should fit with the suit and dress shirt that you are wearing. A basic rule is never to mix metals: a silver metal shirt with gold metal cufflinks, or vice versa. 
  • For formal events, when you wear a tuxedo, the colors of your cufflinks should match the lapel on your jacket and the tie worn by other party members.

Many types of clothing items need professional attention before being worn in public. One such item is socks. Socks come in all shapes and sizes; not every style will look good with certain outfits or shoes.

You want to try to coordinate some contrasting colors between them so they don’t blend into one solid color. Other than matching them up according to color, it is also essential to coordinate patterns, so one does not cover up what another has done best on its own—if you’re feeling brave enough!

How are cufflinks supposed to look?

Traditionally, cufflinks are worn with a French or English-style shirt. With a French shirt, the cuffs of the shirts would be exposed, but with an English shirt, it would require a button-down collar to be worn without any creases for the cuffs and links to align.

Regardless of what style is being worn, a high-quality pair of cufflinks can take from several hours up to one week (depending on its intricate design) for one team of links from start to finish.

Also, depending on your preference and who you’re pairing them with, there are different ways that you can knot your tie as well.

Do cufflinks work on any shirt?

Just about any shirt will work with cufflinks. While some shirts will naturally frame the clasp better than others, and some colors of the shirt go better with certain colors of cufflinks, it is still possible to make them work.

If you’re wearing a shirt that doesn’t play nicely with your cufflink, then try wearing them with a sweater overtop or rolling up your sleeves. 

When should I wear cufflinks?

While not appropriate for every occasion, Cufflinks should be worn with a suit and tie. This can include work attire and funerals.

They are an accessory that will add to your overall style and appearance. You could also rock them casually with just a dress shirt or t-shirt. Please don’t wear them with jeans and sneakers, though!


Wearing a well-ironed, pressed button-down shirt with a tie is almost always appropriate and always good for job interviews.

Plus, you can’t beat looking like a million bucks in your suit! The cufflinks are small accents that will help complete your outfit as long as they match your attire.

Wear swappable pairs of preppy-styled ones or patterned accessories if you want something different and unique.

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