How to Withdraw Money from ATM without Debit Card SBI, ICICI

How you can now withdraw cash from ATM without using debit card

How you can now withdraw cash from ATM without using a debit card

A State Bank of India (SBI) account holder can log into the Yono app using the user name and password. After logging into the app, click on the Yono Cash, go to the ATM section, enter the amount, receive Yono Cash transaction number and It is valid for four hours. Enabled ATMs for withdrawal of cash.

If you are willing to give the Cardless Cash Withdrawal a try, then here’s how you can do it.

  1. Log into the ‘iMobile’ app
  2. Select ‘Services’
  3. ‘Cash Withdrawal at ICICI Bank ATM’
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Select your account number
  6. Create a 4-digit temporary PIN
  7. Submit.
  8. Receive a reference OTP (One Time Password).
  9. Visit any ICICI Bank ATM
  10. Select Cardless Cash Withdrawal.
  11. Select ‘enter the mobile number’
  12. Head over to ‘reference OTP number’.
  13. Enter your temporary PIN
  14. Select the amount for withdrawal.

The cardless cash withdrawal system isn’t the first of its kind as SBI has been offering the same to its customers for a long time using the YONO service. However, the system comes with several benefits of its own. For starters, you don’t need to carry a debit card with yourself anymore when you have to withdraw cash.

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On top of that, customers can withdraw up to Rs 20,000 per day and avail the service at over 15,000 ICICI Bank ATM machines.