How to write a good thesis statement?

write a good thesis statement

When writing a college essay, you will need to include one sentence called a thesis statement that will summarize your main idea in the essay.

It is often used in argumentative or expository essays. It is recommended to write it at the end of the introductory part.

Since it is the first paragraph you need to attract your readers with this statement and keep them interested while reading the whole paper.

The challenge here is to make a thesis statement clear, direct, and with the points that are already mentioned in the text. 

Here below, we prepared some points and ideas that one might find useful for writing a thesis statement in their paper.

It is not rocket science, but if you do not have enough time to work on your essay, leave it to a professional college paper writing service.

The primary task of your thesis statement is to express the position regarding the issue. It helps you focus on a particular aspect of the problem and narrow the investigation.

As a result, the whole essay will have a logical and intuitive structure as you specify the direction of an investigation.

Moreover, a good thesis statement will point out the importance of the entire paper and provoke further discussion.

One should keep in mind that writing a thesis paper is not about including a fact about the issue. You need to make it arguable and engaging so that your readers follow your ideas.

Simply writing about some fact will not show your position and interest in the issue. Making your statement factual will only result in stating facts of which readers are already aware.

Choose a statement that will help you show your critical thinking. Let your statement provoke further discussion.

Write in a compelling and persuasive way to express your attitude towards the issue. Authors who manage to make them arguable will be able to engage and excite a reader till the end of an essay.

Create your thesis statement

First, you should definitely begin by picking a topic for your essay. Choose a trendy crucial topic you have ideas about and that you cannot but express your opinion regarding.

Thus, it will be much easier to write the whole paper. Once you decide what topic bothers you, proceed to a draft of your thesis.

No worries here. If it is bad, you could change it a bit later, there is no problem with it. In your assignment, you could already have a question provided by your teacher. If there are not any, make up your questions and be sure to answer them in your piece.

Choose your perspective

While choosing a topic and a statement, try to pick something universally important and relevant, something that your readers would care about. 

While writing your essay, check if your words correspond to the thesis statement and if they answer the questions raised in the text.

A perfectly written statement will ease the whole writing process. However, you still need to outline the plan and structure of your piece.

Be as specific as possible

After you made a draft of your thesis statement and wrote the entire essay, reread your work. Maybe you will see that your statement is not specific enough. Rewrite it again and check if your paragraphs support it well enough.

To assist yourself in this quite complicated process you could ask yourself the following questions:

-Is my statement specific? Did I answer the questions stated? Identify those odd moments in the text and rewrite them. Rephrase some sentences if you feel like it could help;

– Is my opinion arguable or factual? Is my argument strong enough? Make sure that you express your unique and valuable attitude regarding the problem.

– Is my structure logical and comprehensive? Do my paragraphs support the statement directly? Identify those parts in your text where your ideas wander and go far from the topic.

– Is my essay useful? Give it to your friends or supervisor to proofread. Let them say if your piece is helpful for them.

You do not want to hear your audience do not get anything from your text, right. So, do not avoid this question.

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Make sure readers grasp your position right away and do not need to go deeper into the topic in order to understand it better. Your essay should answer all the questions raised and leave your audience satisfied.