How Uppma Virdi, Women Entrepreneur and Australian-lawyer became chai walli for tea-lovers

Uppma Virdi - Chai Walli Founder

While choosing career paths, we are often told to choose either lawyer, doctor, or engineer. And living in India it is necessary to have a degree to become successful in your life.

But have you ever thought of becoming a coffee-maker or a chai-maker? No, right? But, guess who became a chai walli and became famous world-wide.

Uppma Virdi who left India to become a lawyer, and no doubt she pursued that and became an Australian-lawyer, but she was not able to find herselves a cup of tea.

A migrant from India who was craving for just one perfect cup of tea, is the founder of chai walli. Okay, so let me first tell you who she was and what inspired to start a tea venture in Australia.

Uppma Virdi was an Australian-lawyer who became chai walli. She is the granddaughter of ayurvedic doctor who was specialised in Herbs and Vedic.

She is the first generation India Australian migrant who left her career as a lawyer to follow her passion and share the recipe of ancient family with the world.

When she got frustrated with the lack of authenticity, she started to give knowledge to people about the wonderful taste of India teas and spices.

Uppma grew up with her mother’s love for cooking which was running in her veins. She utilizes her innate senses to balance spices according to their Ayurvedic elements and teach others the Art of Chai.

Leading a team of passionate individuals, Uppma runs her small Australian business with deep values. All the blends are formulated and created by Uppma using her love of natural wholesome ingredients and family recipes.

She is an Indian-Australian lawyer who works for a law firm in Melbourne, but she is also pronounced as an entrepreneur.

She is running an online-business for tea-lovers with the name of Chai walli. She does not own a cafe or restaurant for the same.

But running a business of chai special at a place where people are coffee-lovers is a tough job in itself.

Obviously, we all are aware of the fact that in India people are brought together with a cup of tea. So, she had the same idea and got inspired from her family and started this business.

I know, this sounds difficult and a really tough job, but she killed it. She was awarded with Indian Business and Community Award in 2016.

So, if you think becoming an entrepreneur is difficult and starting our own business is a tough job, then you are wrong my friend. You just need a strong-willingness to do it and boom you will achieve it.

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At the end I would like to conclude with a quote, “Where there is will, there is a way.”