Cricket Fans Rejoice: Howzat Fantasy App Brings the Excitement of the Game to Your Fingertips

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a sports genre in which players use their sports knowledge to predict real cricket players’ performance in an upcoming match and win money by beating their opponents in fantasy cricket contests.

In India, there are many fantasy sports apps including the Howzat fantasy app. In this article, we take a close look at how Indians’ love for cricket has made Howzat one of the most loved, widely used and best fantasy app in India.

How Fantasy Cricket Works

How fantasy cricket works, whether it is legal to play fantasy sports in India, whether it is safe to play on online fantasy apps, and how one can actually play fantasy cricket online are some of the most common questions sports lovers have about fantasy cricket.

As for the game’s legality, the Supreme Court of India has declared fantasy sports a game of skill and judgment.

It is a game of skill in which the result depends on the player’s knowledge of cricket, their attention to detail, and how well they execute their cricket knowledge while creating fantasy teams.

Download the Howzat fantasy app today and enjoy the seamless gaming experience while creating multiple teams at once.

Popular Fantasy Cricket Leagues

Here are some of the most popular fantasy cricket competitions and leagues available on Howzat:

  1. Test matches
  2. One Day Internationals
  3. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup
  4. ICC Women’s T20 World Cup
  5. T10 Leagues
  6. Indian Premier League
  7. Women’s T20 League

Basic Rules of Fantasy Cricket

  1. Create a virtual team of the best 11 players from the two real cricket teams playing in an upcoming match.
  2. Choose a captain and a vice captain from the chosen 11 players and click to join a contest.
  3. The points scored by the captain and vice captain are higher than the rest of the players for the same performance, so choosing the best players as captain and vice captain is very important.
  4. Your team scores points based on your players’ actual performance in the match, as shown in the tables below.
  5. The user with the highest score wins the contest. Many contests have multiple winners.  

Scoring System

Here is the scoring system for T20, ODI, and T10 matches.

How Batters Score Points

Every run scored1 point
Every boundary hit1 point
Every six hit2 points
Every half-century (50 runs in single innings)4 points
Every century (100 runs scored in single innings)8 points
Every dismissal for a duck (only for batsmen, wicket-keepers and all-rounders)-3 points * – 4 points

How Bowlers Score Points

Every wicket taken (excluding run-outs)25 points * 16 points
LBW/Bowled bonus8 points
Every caught & bowled33 points *24 points
Every maiden over bowled4 points
4 wickets taken by one bowler4 points
5 wickets taken by one bowler8 points
Every dot ball bowled (applicable only to overs fantasy)1 point

How Fielders Score Points

Every catch taken8 points
3 catches taken by a fielder4 points
Every stumping/direct run-out12 points
Every run-out effected (thrower/catcher)4 points *6/6 points

*Points vary in Test matches.

Benefits of Playing on Howzat

Howzat is one of the leading fantasy sports apps that has been specifically designed to provide innovative and exciting cricket games to every cricket enthusiast. Read on to learn about the best features of Howzat and benefits of selecting your own dream teams on the fantasy app.

  • Win whopping big cash prizes on winning cash contests. Cash prizes are credited to your account automatically.
  • Create multiple teams for the same contest as well as for different cricket matches happening 24X7 all around the world.
  • Check out Howzat match predictions made by experts before the match to get insights into upcoming matches.

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Up and Creating an Account

Signing up and creating an account on Howzat is super easy. Follow these simple steps and start your fantasy cricket journey now.

For Android users

Step 1.  Visit official website of Howzat. 

Step 2. Tap the “Download Android app” button.

Step 3. A pop-up message will appear stating this type of file can harm your device. Select “Okay” and “Install anyway.” The Howzat app is 100% safe to install.

Step 4. On successful installation, sign up/log in with your mobile number and start playing.

For iOS Users

Step 1. Go to the app store and search for “Howzat”

Step 2. Tap “Download” to install the app.

Step 3. Once downloaded, tap the “Open” button.

Step 4. Register to start your journey on Howzat.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Fantasy Cricket Games

Fantasy cricket requires you to have a good knowledge of cricket to select the right players. Below are some simple tips and strategies to help you get started with fantasy cricket games.

  • Avoid participating in every match shown on the app. Choose matches that you are well familiar with. 
  • Before creating a team, gain insights into the environmental factors like the type of pitch on which the match will be played and the weather on the day of the match.
  • When the match is about to begin, especially just after the toss, make sure all your players are in the playing 11. Feel free to make any changes required.
  • Research players’ past performances and their recent form and fitness.
  • Do complete analysis of the players you plan to choose to make the right choice for the game format. For instance, a player might play well in T20 cricket but might not be so good at Test cricket, so make sure to choose players that perform well in the format.
  • Strike a balance between the player’s form and their potential.
  • Pay extra attention while choosing the captain and vice captain as the captain scores 2x points and the vice captain scores 1.5x points for the same performance as other players.


Start selecting your dream team and get immersed in the world of fantasy cricket on Howzat. Download the fantasy app now and enjoy the thrill of having your own fantasy team and winning exciting prizes.

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