Hyundai Motor India Partners with Shell India to Deploy Fast Chargers at 36 Dealerships

Hyundai Motor India

Hyundai Motor India collaborates with Shell India to install fast chargers at 36 dealerships

18th May 2023: Hyundai Motor India has forged a strategic partnership with Shell India to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country. As part of this collaboration, Hyundai plans to install fast chargers at 36 of its dealerships across India.

The move comes in response to the growing demand for electric mobility and the need for a robust charging infrastructure.

By teaming up with Shell India, Hyundai aims to provide convenient and efficient charging solutions for EV owners, enhancing the overall customer experience.

The fast chargers to be installed at Hyundai dealerships will offer high-speed charging capabilities, significantly reducing the time required to charge an electric vehicle.

This initiative will alleviate concerns about range anxiety and encourage more consumers to consider switching to electric vehicles.

With Shell’s expertise in energy solutions and Hyundai’s commitment to sustainable mobility, this collaboration is expected to make significant strides in the Indian electric vehicle market.

The partnership aligns with the Indian government’s vision to promote green transportation and reduce carbon emissions.

Hyundai Motor India has been at the forefront of electric vehicle adoption in the country. Their all-electric model lineup has received a positive response from consumers, and the installation of fast chargers at dealerships will further bolster the EV ecosystem.

The collaboration between Hyundai and Shell aims to create a seamless charging experience for Hyundai electric vehicle owners.

With more accessible and efficient charging infrastructure, the transition to electric mobility is set to become more convenient and appealing for Indian consumers.

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, collaborations like these are crucial for developing a robust charging network.

Hyundai Motor India’s partnership with Shell India demonstrates their commitment to fostering sustainable transportation and driving the electric revolution forward in the country.

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