4 Ideas to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur in 2022

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Ideas

4 Ideas to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur in 2022

In light of the Great Resignation and changing economic landscape, many former corporate workers are looking to entrepreneurship as a way to achieve their career goals. A lifestyle business is one way that aspiring entrepreneurs can break onto the scene without much training or investment.

Lifestyle businesses are defined as a business focused on an individual’s passion and desire to be their own boss, and they use their passion, skills, and experience to launch their company.

Those who follow this path are known as lifestyle entrepreneurs, and they benefit from a newfound work freedom and flexibility that can’t be found in a regular 9 to 5 job.

If becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur sounds like an appealing career for you, take a look at these four lifestyle business ideas to help you kickstart your entrepreneurship journey.

1. Create a Podcast

Podcasting has become all the rage in the past few years, with nearly 384 million people listening to podcasts across the globe — so why not launch your own? Think about what you have expertise in and design a podcast around that.

Podcasts give you the opportunity to create a business around knowledge sharing and thought leadership, and it can be the perfect jumping off point to kick start your personal brand.

Whether you’re a real estate agent sharing tips for how to get your license or a woman in business sharing lessons from your journey as an entrepreneur, share your knowledge through podcast episodes and earn money through ads or sponsors.

If you’re ready to dive into the world of podcasting, check out Libsyn’s comprehensive guide on how to start a podcast at https://libsyn.com/how-to-start-a-podcast/ for step-by-step instructions and valuable insights.

2. Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the original ways that the first content creators made money on the internet, and it’s still alive and well today.

With so many blogs out there, it’s helpful to find a niche and target audience to focus your blog on. Then, flex your writing skills and start creating content that solves problems or offers inspiration to your specific audience.

With consistent content and a little search engine optimization, your blog can build up a following over time. To monetize your blog following, try introducing ads onto your blog, participating in affiliate marketing, or offering sponsored posts.

Soon enough, your blog will be bringing in some passive income and may even evolve into a full time gig with enough time and dedication.

3. Sell Templates and Printables

Looking to make a career using your creativity? Try creating useful templates and printables that people can buy online.

Some examples of lifestyle printables that you can create that people love to buy are weekly planners, journal prompt templates, household checklists, or budget trackers.

All you need is a little bit of graphic design skills and a free design tool like Canva to get started. Once you’ve created your printables, turn them into editable pdfs that customers can easily purchase and download to use.

You’ll never need to worry about inventory and your creativity is the only limit when it comes to designing new printables.

4. Try Career Counseling

Becoming a career counselor is a great way to put your own work experience and expertise to use helping others.

You can offer career advice for a breadth of topics like how to prepare for a job interview in tech or how to narrow down career choices based on a person’s skills and interests.

To get started, consider counseling people in your immediate network and helping them achieve their vocational goals.

Once you have some clients, you can use their testimonials and positive reviews and showcase them on your website or social platforms.

This will help you market yourself and your career counseling services. Whether it’s through marketing or word of mouth, you’ll have more new clients in no time.

Starting a lifestyle business is a great way to take charge of your career and create the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted in a job.

Consider trying out one of these four business ideas to become a lifestyle entrepreneur this year. With a little passion and a lot of commitment, your career may take off and take you places you only ever dreamed of going.

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