Ideas to make a multi-purpose working space

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Ideas to make a multi-purpose working space

Every house has gotten a few more elements to post the COVID era. The revamping of layout and furniture is not just a wish anymore, but a need of the hour.

While most people have dedicated a space to work from home, some have converted nooks and corners of the house into reading areas or study areas.

You can expand your horizons by creating multi-purpose corners and adding small elements that make them functional and aesthetically pleasing as well.

Things to add to your multi-purpose space

  1. Whiteboard – A helpful tool whether you are solving a math equation or trying to make notes for work. A whiteboard is a handy tool for when you need a space to express your ideas and refine them.
  2. Organizer – A table organizer is a boon for any person who is working or studying. Having a few pens, paper, files, clips, sticky notes, and so on can be really helpful in a pinch. This storage option is great for those who like their table to be clutter-free and clean.
  3. Chair – An ergonomically sound chair can really change the game for you. It supports your back and ensures the fatigue levels are lower, keeping you fresh and ready to work for a much longer time. A good chair ensures you can adjust the eye level and consequently the angle. An adjustable chair is particularly good if the working space is being shared by multiple people and the support, as well as the seat, needs to be adjusted often.
  4. Table – A good table can accommodate a laptop, and some study material, and has enough storage space for smaller items. While buying a study table, it is essential to assess your requirement and then buy it. If you need a table that can house all your requirements including a printer, you may want to get a bigger table.
  5. Reading lamp – Investing in a good wireless reading lamp can be beneficial in the long run. If you pick a wireless one, you can save on space and you can use it anywhere around the house. A good and bright reading lamp ensures you don’t feel sleepy while working in the wee hours and your eyes don’t get strained. A lamp whose neck can be adjusted is a good choice as you can change the angle according to your convenience.
  6. Foot rest – It is easier for adults to adjust on an office chair but most kids find it uncomfortable. The chair is low for their comfort and they can’t see the table or the chair is high and their legs are always dangling, unable to rest. A great solution for this problem is to get a footrest that can support the feet of those using the table. This can give immense relief to the person sitting at the table and help them concentrate better.
  7. Side table – Most people underestimate the importance of a side table beside a study table. The habit of piling everything on the table can cost you a few important papers or even a few electronic items. Whenever you have a working lunch or you need a place to put down your cup, you can use the side table without the items coming in your frame during a meeting!

A well-planned workspace can boost productivity and keep your environment stress-free.

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