Importance of Career Counseling in India

Career Counseling

Career is more than a term; it is a crucial component of life that affects your happiness, social status, and financial well-being. 

Despite the importance that a career has in one’s life, career choices are often made by influence rather than insight-based planning.

Which is why there are millions of cases of unemployment and job dissatisfaction in our country.

The unemployment rate for all ages in India increased to 10.3% in 2020, from 7.9% in the previous year.

According to the Central Statistical Office, 37.9% of the urban population was unemployed in 2020. 

The fact that these statistics highlight the need for the right career advice, there are a plethora of factors that contribute to the fall in numbers.

To gain a deeper understanding of the situation, it is important to understand the factors that can affect one’s career growth.

What is Career Counseling?

Career counselling is a systematic method of analysing a person’s qualities, interests, skills, and matching them to the appropriate career and educational options.

It helps people decide from a different perspective and identify careers that have a successful future. 

In a country like India, career counselling has a connotation of limited options. Hence, career counselling is the most needed approach for shaping the future.

It helps people make informed decisions about their future and identify their ideal career path while providing them with opportunities to grow.

According to a study conducted by Statista, the average age of India is 27 years old. Also, about 20% of them are not satisfied with their job.

It highlights the problem that many students and professionals face in making the right career choice. 

  • Considering education degree as the only way to secure a source of livelihood
  • Financial constraints
  • Lack of guidance about career opportunities
  • Fear of failure 
  • Following the path of others/trend
  • Choosing career due to lack of clarity
  • Not exploring their interest 
  • Not seeking professional help

Choosing a career path is a major reform, and choosing the right one can be challenging. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a degree.

For instance, students are majorly just aware of seven career options concerned with the three main streams (Science, Commerce, and Arts) available to them. 

Surprisingly, there are over 12000 career opportunities available today. In addition, it offers good income, keeps up the productivity, and a wide horizon to choose from.

In order to recuse oneself from these mainstream careers, consider career counselling sessions.

It offers you careers that suit your career orientation, examining your ability with a career assessment and aptitude test and deciding which path is best for you.

The lack of planning and awareness about career-building contributes to the country’s economic downfall. Mentoria uses a holistic strategy to address the growing gap and issue.

It provides career assessments for students from grade 8 to working professionals until they find their career of interest.

The career counselling and test are conducted online so that everyone can benefit to the greatest extent possible.

Importance of Career Counseling in India: Why is Career Counseling Important for Success in Career?

Ever come across the question: Which subject are you going to choose? What are your plans for your career after 12th or graduation and even after you have a job?

Deciding which subject to study or which career path to follow can put you in a dilemma, that affects not only your short term future but also your life as a whole. Getting professional help enables you to make a wiser decision.

People often seek advice to successfully navigate their future goals. Parents play a vital role in helping their children get the freedom to pursue their dreams, whereas working professionals rely on friends and mentors.

Involvement of both aims to forward towards a career that the child can wholeheartedly contribute and be content in.

It helps children to feel that it’s normal to have uncertainties about their future. It also encourages them to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

If the parents are not convinced about the direction their child’s career is taking, they should consult a skilled career adviser for guidance. This can help the child realize their potential and pursue his dreams.

Altogether career guidance is important among students so they make an informed decision about their career ensuring that they move in the right direction of learning pathways including their parents.     

  • Through S.W.O.T analysis, you can identify your strengths, weaknesses, and potential career threats.
  • Provides guidance on pursuing the preferred career path.
  • Helps you explore infinite career options that meet your career orientation, intelligence, and personality.
  • Helps you gain the right skill with better appropriate career strategy in an organised manner with modern methods.
  • Through technology, job counselling has become more prevalent to reach a wider audience. This has allowed people to connect with a wider group and contribute to the country’s future.                         

In India, the young population is the world’s largest. According to the National Youth Policy of India, by 2020, the youth will make up 27% of the country’s total population.

There’s a need to create a conducive career environment for these young people to excel in their chosen field.

Expert Career Counsellors

A skilled career counsellor can help students with their various concerns. They can also guide them in choosing the right career path.

However, finding a career advisor who can help you explore several choices in a systematic manner can be tough.

So, before you decide on a career counsellor, you should consider their method and success record. It is critical as a student to involve parents.

On the other hand, if you are a college graduate, your parents are encouraging you to pursue a job that pays well.

This can be a challenging situation to handle, but it can be handled by hiring a career counsellor who advises you to take into account both the positive and negative aspects of a situation.

It allows you and your parents to think and act in the best possible way without wasting money, time, or energy.

  • Skill-based research:  Career counselling is a vital part of any student’s academic life. It can help them deal with the stress of searching for work in the future and provide them with strategies and options for living their lives.
  • Handling abilities: They help the students develop their handling skills so they can get started in their chosen careers.
  • Communicate things: People who are interested in career rules should have a good understanding of them. This should happen through their interactions with others.
  • Discussion forums: Discuss problems faced by the students. This is another major criterion for the career counsellor to interact with parents.
  • Efficient problem solving: Capable of handling and managing various problems that people face in their careers.

For students who have completed or are pursuing their education, career guidance can assist them in determining the ideal career path.

As a result, there are many engineering colleges these days, and the number of engineers graduating is likewise high. “WHAT NEXT?” or ‘Should I GET INTO ANOTHER FIELD?’ are typical questions among students.

With the increasing number of engineering colleges, students are now more inclined to pursue a career in this field.

Career guidance counselors at Mentoria help students plan their future careers early and answer their questions. They visit various places such as schools, universities, and companies to solve such confusion.

New Innovative Approach for Career Counselling Today and Its Importance

According to a report by the Times of India, in India, there is a need for 15 lakh career counsellors for over 315 million students. Also, in 93% of schools, there is no professional counsellor on board. 

With the rise of online career counselling services, India has become an attractive destination for students wanting to explore various career options.

This is because these counsellors are tech-savvy and their knowledge is not just limited to the secondary sources but are receptive to the careers that are in trend that go today and might be defunct or extant tomorrow. 

Mentoria is an Edutech company that helps people explore and choose from over 12,000 career paths.

With their unique approach, they make it possible for people with diverse interests to explore and discover their ideal careers.

The comprehensiveness of the Mentoria test and the interaction with experts and career counsellors help you explore various career paths and strategies that can help you reach your goals. 

Wrap Up!

Before you start looking for a job or subjects, define your ideal role or position. Moreover, seek a professional career counsellor’s help to identify your goals and passions, and help you stand out in the crowd.

Counseling aids in the development of focus and the maintenance of that focus throughout our daily activities. They focus on managing your life through good scheduling and planning.

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