Important Things To Know About The Size Of Your Tires

Tires Changing

Your tires are the most important safety feature of your car. It’s crucial that you take good care of them because of their huge contribution to your car’s performance. You should know what to look for in tires, and that includes tire size.

The size of your car tires not only makes a difference in your vehicle’s look but also in its drivability. Tires serve as your car’s shoes, and if it doesn’t fit well, then your car won’t be able to move well with it. This makes it unsafe to drive and makes for uncomfortable rides. 

Something noticeable that should be pointed out is that the majority of drivers don’t give a thought to learning information about car tires until they need to replace them.

Now, if you’re going to buy new tires, you need to be educated about them, particularly their size. To help you out, this article will discuss the important things to know about tire sizes.

The importance of the right tire size

A lot of things can happen if you have the wrong tire size installed in your car. Reducing the performance capacity of your car is the very least that could occur. Tires that don’t fit your wheel only get you less than what you bargained for.

Driving with unfit tires can cause accidents and mishaps on the road, resulting in life-threatening situations. Avoid being in those circumstances by making sure that the right size of tires is installed in your car.

Verify with a mechanic or your owner’s manual before doing this, like checking out a tire purchase order online. Online tire sellers such as GoGulong PH have filters on their website, which includes shopping tires by size, so you must know the right tire size that fits your vehicle to actually be able to make the correct purchase.

How to find the right size

There are plenty of ways to identify the right tire size for your car. The most logical place to look for is your owner manual. Your car manufacturer knows the right tire size for it simply because they’re the ones that made your car.

Other than that, you can also find it on the placard on the driver’s door or on the sidewall of the tire itself. The sidewall features markings and information such as type and the speed rating of the tire.

Understanding what the figures mean

As aforementioned, you can find the size of tires on the sidewall. There are letters and numbers that correspond to a specific detail of the tire that is marked on it, such as the speed rating and the load index.

You can find the tire size measurements on it, which consist of the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter. They’ll be easy to determine because they’re the ones marked in numbers at that usual order after the first letter, which indicates whether the tire is for a passenger car type (P), temporary (T – for spare tires), and special trailer (ST).


Knowing these things about your tires’ size greatly helps you with saving money and potentially saving your life. Be sure to remember what you’ve learned, and never be shy to ask a mechanic for any more details or questions regarding this matter.

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