IMS Noida Organized an Academic Summit 2021 on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development

IMS Noida Academic Summit 2021

A two-day virtual academic summit 2021 has organized by Institute of Management Studies (IMS) in Noida. The topic of entrepreneurship development and innovation was discussed in this summit. On the occasion, Shilpi Gupta CMD, Rajiv Kumar Gupta Chairman, and Dr. IMS Noida Senior Director Kulnit Suri made their presence.

Dr. Kulnit Suri was the Patron and Chairperson for the Academic Summit and emphasized sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prominent spokesperson NEFD and founder and president of NBFF, Prof. (Dr.) Ganesan Ramaswamy, UK education consultant Katherine Boxall, dau. Sumit Narula, Editor-in-Chief of SCOPUS, Dr. Dr. Kanchan Patil, Director, Symbiosis Center for Information Technology, University Senior Lecturer for Creative Arts, Laura Holme, Amity Institute of Behavior and Allied Science Professor.

Drs. Pooja Sehgal, Head of Department PGDM and MIB Department IMS Noida, Komal Verma, Alvin Turner, Associate Professor Letham Business School United Kingdom, as well as 97 teachers and students from all over India.

Katherine Boxall addressed the students, saying that new technologies are being used continuously over time. In the future, humans will go along with technology. Katherine Boxall said that there is a lot of potential in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship due to new use in technology.

While discussing innovation and entrepreneurship, Dr. Kulneet Suri, Senior Director, IMS, Noida, said that it is imperative to discuss a positive approach to innovation and develop entrepreneurship. Innovation must be prioritized to maintain the continuity of any entrepreneurship.

Dr. Kulneet Suri further said that success or failure depends on your thinking. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to think for yourself. Nothing can help you think. Dr. Kulneet Suri also added, your success depends on the context in which you want to work, with whom you want to work and what is your responsibility towards your work.

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On the other hand, Yogendra Shah, financial analyst said that without capital you cannot start entrepreneurship and new startups. He said that you can take help of angel funding to start a startup. There are investors in the market who invest money on your creative and innovative ideas.