Inclined Media partners with Tvam Naturals for a Natural Beauty Social Campaign

Tvam Naturals

#TheNaturalBeauty campaign focuses on celebrating the inner beauty of all women and encourages them to feel confident in their own way.

Inclined Media, A Digital and Influencer Marketing Agency, has partnered with Tvam Naturals, a personal care brand for women, by launching a new initiative to celebrate inner beauty of women through #TheNaturalBeauty Campaign.

It focuses on eliminating social media negativity and bullying around women’s looks, appearance and shape while also supporting their ability to feel confident about themselves.

With Influencer Marketing being a digital form of word-of-mouth, nothing works better than the same to address and spread awareness about a particular issue in the society.

Influencers, by nature, have large numbers of loyal and dedicated social media followers who perceive them as experts in their niches and regard their recommendations highly.

This campaign appealed to several micro influencers such as Shania, Manisha Nayak, Anisha Bhati, Ojasvi Kashyap, Suhani Dhawan, Siya, Amritha Suryavanshi, Sabhya, Jasleen Tith, Namrata Mehta, etc.

On Instagram from industries like Beauty and Skincare wherein the brand sent across their chemical and cruelty free pomegranate face wash and body lotion range.

Inclined Media x Tvam Naturals aims to reach out to women who still fear or are insecure about their body or looks and appeals to them to love themselves and eliminate social media negativity.

Commenting on the campaign, Crisy Vasan, Founder of Tvam Naturals, said, “You are happy when you’re the best version of yourself.

At Tvam, we aim to help you achieve that! From the very beginning, our core value has been to achieve natural beauty using all natural ingredients.

Prioritise yourself and feel confident with Tvam. A range of beauty and self care products has been curated with organic, hand sourced ingredients to ensure you feel good in your own skin no matter what shape, size or colour!” ‘

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Mokshesh Shah, Founder of Inclined Media, said, “With Influencer Marketing being the most used marketing strategy by brands, we aim to spread awareness around more such issues through our expertise and create an impact in the society with digital practices.”