Technology-driven diabetes treatment would be led by India, says Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Jitendra Singh

India ready to lead technology-driven diabetes care, says Union Minister Jitendra Singh

May 8, 2023: In a major announcement today, Union Minister Jitendra Singh revealed that India is set to lead the way in technology-driven diabetes treatment.

Speaking at a press conference, the minister stated that the government is investing a whopping billion dollars in a new initiative aimed at developing cutting-edge technology solutions to tackle diabetes.

According to Singh, India is facing a growing burden of diabetes, with an estimated 77 million people in the country currently living with the condition.

This, he said, is a major public health concern that needs urgent attention. The new initiative, he explained, will focus on developing innovative technologies and solutions to help prevent and manage diabetes, as well as improve the quality of life for those living with the condition.

Singh also highlighted that the initiative will bring together experts from a range of fields, including healthcare, technology, and academia.

The goal, he said, is to leverage the power of technology to revolutionize diabetes care and management, and ultimately help reduce the burden of the disease in India and around the world.

The minister emphasized that this initiative is a key part of the government’s broader efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in India, and to position the country as a leader in the global healthcare sector.

He also noted that the initiative will create new job opportunities and spur economic growth in the technology and healthcare sectors.

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm and optimism by healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients alike.

Many are hailing this initiative as a game-changer in the fight against diabetes, and a testament to India’s commitment to leveraging technology to solve some of the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

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