Indian Bridal Jewelry Post-Wedding Care Tips

Indian Bridal Jewelry

Curating the dream look for your wedding takes months and almost years, but the sad truth is that most of your jewelry pieces end up locked in the vault with no care taken afterward.

You should take immense care of wedding jewelry since it is often subjected to wear and tear. Look at our tips and tricks to keep in mind for cleaning your Indian bridal jewelry.

General Care Tips for Bridal Jewelry

You spend almost a huge part of your savings on your wedding jewelry, so it is highly essential to keep great after-care of your bridal jewelry.

Here are some general tips you could use to take care of your wedding jewelry.

1. Store with Caution

Be cautious and ensure that you store your bridal jewelry in air-tight condition post all the wedding shenanigans. Avoid discarding the jewelry box in which your jewelry arrived, as you can use those boxes to store your jewelry later.

Remember that metal should not be exposed to air moisture as it will lose its luster. Also, keep your wedding jewelry covered in a cloth or a napkin, and then pack it in the box.

2. Be Gentle While Cleaning Jewelry

When you take your jewelry to clean it, be gentle with it. Soak a soft brush or a cotton ball in the lukewarm water and clean it off.

Avoid using your nails, as they will scratch the surface of your jewelry. Clean your jewelry after use to ensure that it stays intact for future usage.

3. Avoid Chemical Reactions

Chemicals oxidize your jewelry and impact its shine, so be mindful of the products you are using to clean your bridal jewelry.

An additional tip to keep in mind is that you should always do your makeup, spray perfumes, and hair sprays before wearing the jewelry, as they all contain chemicals.

4. Stay Steer From Sunlight & UV Rays

To retain the beautiful charm your wedding jewelry radiates, keep it away from sunlight and harmful UV rays.

5. Schedule Regular Polishings

Jewelry easily attracts dirt. Therefore, keep regular tabs on getting them polished. We recommend getting your bridal jewelry polished after every six to eight months, no matter whether you are wearing them regularly.

Specific Care According to Jewelry Type

Each jewelry type is distinct, and they all require different post care. You cannot care for gold and diamond jewelry in the same manner.

Here are specific care tips for different jewelry.

1. Gold Jewelry

Clean your gold Indian bridal jewelry with cotton fabric or dry them with blotting paper. Remove your gold jewelry pieces before bathing to avoid oxidizing. Store each piece separately to prevent them from getting tangled.

2. Diamond Jewelry

Avoid wearing diamonds while exercising, cleaning, and doing household chores to retain their shine and prevent scratches on their surface. To clean diamond jewelry, infuse them into an ammonia-based cleaning agent overnight and gently wash it in the morning with a toothbrush.

3. Polki & Kundan Jewelry

Do not clean your Polki and Kundan jewelry with water or other cleaning agents. Instead, use an eraser to remove the blackened part of your jewelry. Store your Polki and Kundan Jewelry in a butter paper or cotton cloth to avoid contact with air.

4. Silver Jewelry

Silver is prone to oxidization and tarnishing when it comes in contact with humidity and chemicals because of its physical and chemical composition. To avoid corrosion, gently scrub your silver bridal jewelry pieces with toothpaste and then wipe them with a soft cloth.

5. Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry will not change color over time, but you still need to take regular care to keep it shiny and beautiful. You can use a specialized jewelry cleaning solution, or if you do not have one handy, you can use a gentle soap and warm water before rubbing it on a soft cloth.


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Keep these simple aftercare tips for jewelry in mind and save your dainty bridal jewelry sets from losing their luster. Stay updated with our latest fashion, lifestyle, wedding articles at SugerMint.