Indian IT Companies are Far Ahead of Chinese Companies in The Global Market: Chinese IT Expert

Indian IT Companies

Indian IT Companies Are Far Ahead Of Chinese Companies In The Global Market: Chinese IT Expert

December 16, 2022: Mike Liu, who served as Infosys China country head and author of ‘The Rise of Indian IT’, said Chinese companies are moving fast in high-value IT fronts such as AI, cloud services and automated cars.

India’s information technology (IT) is far ahead of China in the global market, but Chinese companies are moving fast and doing very well in areas such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, e-commerce and cloud services, a top Chinese IT expert said. said.

But unlike Indian IT companies, which derive most of their revenue from outsourcing, Chinese IT companies are local-oriented, said Mike Liu, author of the book ‘The Rise of Indian IT’.

More than 95% of Chinese IT companies’ revenue is generated domestically, he added. Indian software companies are far ahead of Chinese players in the global IT market.

Mike, who has worked with Infosys for years, told PTI that Chinese companies are not a threat to Indian companies in the global market.

He spoke to PTI ahead of the release of the book. A recently published book in Chinese provides an insight into the development of the Indian and Chinese IT sectors over the years.

It will be available in English soon. Mike was the Chinese-born Global Country Head for Infosys in the Greater China region.

He is the former Managing Director and Legal Representative for DXC Technologies in the Greater China region.

China’s IT industry generated revenue of 5.456 billion or $797.26 billion from January to July this year, up 10.3% year-on-year, according to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

The IT sectors of both countries contribute about 8% to their respective GDPs; However, the Chinese IT sector is relatively large due to the sheer size of the Chinese economy, Mike said.

“I think Chinese players still have a long learning curve to compete in the English market. Chinese people often ask, why have Indians become so dominant in business in America?

The typical view is that Indians speak good English. But It’s probably a one per cent. factor,” Mike told PTI.

Chinese IT companies have a long way to go before they can make a significant dent in global markets.

He added that Chinese companies need to learn things like mindset, management systems and governance; However, China is ahead on the IT technology and innovation front.

He said Chinese companies have taken the lead on some high-value cutting-edge aspects of IT, such as IT, automated cars and cloud services.

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