Awareness, comprehensive approach key to address rising stroke burden: ISA

Indian Stroke Association

Indian Stroke Association organises regional webinar focusing on central India as a part of its knowledge-sharing series.

  • Around 17 lakh stroke cases occur in India annually. 
  • Stroke is the third-leading cause of death in India
  • It is the sixth-leading cause of Disability Adjusted Life Years
  • The estimated economic loss caused by stroke is Rs. 2.34 lakh crore a year

National: These are shocking numbers, to say the least, and the numbers are only rising by the day.

Creating awareness about brain stroke and adopting a comprehensive approach is the need of the hour to address the growing burden of stroke, leading neurologists opined at a webinar organised by the Indian Stroke Association (ISA), a pioneer organization advocating scientific research and advances in the field of stroke.

ISA President Dr. Jeyaraj Pandian said that in addition to the loss of life and disabilities, the high incidence and prevalence of stroke also significantly impact societal well-being.

“The key to addressing the growing challenges posed by stroke is greater awareness among doctors as well as the general population.

We are doing this through knowledge-sharing series where we are connecting with neurologists and other members of the medical fraternity across different regions to look at ways the stroke burden can be tackled, including early detection and intervention.

Today’s webinar is focused on central India, where the stroke prevalence is quite high, while the previous one was on North East India,” Dr. Jeyaraj Pandian, who is also Vice President of World Stroke Organization, said.

“Given the enormous burden of stroke in the country, high mortality, and the devastating disability it often leaves behind, the Indian Stroke Association is working for an integrated approach to tackle the disease.

The need to create awareness about reaching the hospital in time has become all the more relevant during Covid-19 times,” said Dr. Arvind Sharma, Secretary, Indian Stroke Association.

“Leading neurologists from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha participated in the regional webinar on ‘Stroke care in central India’, and discussed the variations in stroke causes in the region,” added Dr. Arvind Sharma, Secretary, Indian Stroke Association.

The participants also expressed concern about the lack of adequate stroke treatment and rehabilitation facilities in the region.

Dr. Vinita Daniel spoke on CNS Infections and Stroke, while Dr. Sanjay Sharma shared his insights on Sickle Cell Disease and Stroke.

Dr. Nirendra Rai spoke about establishing a stroke programme in AIIMS Bhopal, while Dr. Bhagyashree Shavi shared her experiences of the challenges in delivering store care services in a district government hospital.

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ISA President Elect Dr. VG Pradeep Kumar, ISA Treasurer Dr Vikram Huded and ISA Executive Committee members Dr. Gigy Kuruttukulam, Dr. P Vijaya, and Dr. Salil Uppal, also took part in the informative webinar.