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The basis of good health is sleep, and your mattress plays the leading part in determining the quality of sleep you enjoy. In a busy country like India, where everything rushes by, and the tempo of work and life is always fast, the significance of peaceful sleep can hardly be overestimated. Having a number of sizes that vary from single to king, finding the right mattress appears to be a challenge.

This quest has been simplified by the digital era, thus enabling consumers to browse and buy their perfect mattress in their own homes. Indian online trade websites now provide a huge range of mattresses for every need and taste.

In our exploration, we will focus on the key factors that guide the selection of mattresses: comfort – the guarantee of a peaceful sleep; support – the right prolongation of the spine; durability – years of quality sleep; material – the feel and the breathability; and price – the price that meets the buyer’s budget.

This detailed guide will lead you through the best options of single, queen, king, and custom-sized mattresses that can be found online in India, and it will make sure that you pick the one that will serve your sleep needs perfectly. 

Best Mattresses for Single Beds

Single-bed mattress are more convenient option for students in dorms and adults in compact living places. The choice of mattress can greatly influence the quality of your sleep; therefore, it is important to choose the one that provides comfort, support, and durability. Now, let’s discuss the features and advantages of each of our mentioned hero options amidst the sea of choices one has.

1. Sleepwell Star Gold Mattress:

  • Features: The Sleepwell Star Gold Mattress is engineered with the brand’s proprietary Resitec® foam, which promises an optimal blend of support and comfort. This mattress is designed to cater to those seeking a perfect spine alignment.
  • Pros: The Resitec® foam technology ensures a supportive sleep environment that maintains spinal alignment, reducing the likelihood of waking up with aches and pains. Its composition offers durability, ensuring the mattress remains comfortable and supportive over time. Additionally, the foam’s high-density structure provides a firm sleeping surface, beneficial for those requiring extra back support.

2. Kurl-On Mermaid Foam Mattress

  • Features: The Kurl-On Mermaid Foam Mattress is a one-of-a-kind product that combines a sturdy, high-density foam base and a soft top layer. This dual-comfort mattress is in a position to suffice the taste of many people by providing a firm side and a soft side, which means that you only need to choose what you prefer in order to enjoy the best of the comfort that you need.
  • Pros: The Mermaid Foam Mattress is versatile in its nature. It allows the user to alternate between a softer or firmer surface according to his or her preference and requirements. This characteristic serves anyone whose desire to be comfortable is a result of differences in health, lifestyle, or just personal disposition over the years.

3. Emma Sleep Original Ortho Mattress

  • Features: The Emma Sleep Original Ortho Mattress has been developed for people seeking orthopaedic support with comfort. It uses ergonomic foam layers that conform to your shape and give you support where you need it the most, combined with a breathable top layer that will confirm a cool night’s sleep.
  • Pros: This mattress is excellent for individuals with specific support needs, offering relief and comfort to pressure points and critical areas of the body. The breathable feature helps to control the temperature. Therefore, it is ideal for those who are quite warm when sleeping. The mattress also includes a trial period for users to evaluate it within their own homes.

Best Mattresses for Queen Beds

Queen-size bed mattresses provide ample room to improve the sleep quality of couples or individuals. The mattress that should be used for such beds should be comfortable, motion-isolated, and one that will last for a long ensuring you value for your money. In this regard, we propose three leading mattresses specially designed for queen beds, considering their outstanding features and benefits.

1. Sleepwell Fitrest Premium Mattress

  • Features: The Sleepwell Fitrest Premium Mattress is designed with an innovative impression foam layering system that provides a perfect blend of support and comfort. It integrates modern materials such as the Acuprofile Support Layer, which is of an ergonomically designed unique wave pattern to provide specific relaxation to each pressure point of the body, hence the unique comfort.
  • Advantages: This mattress stands out in providing a deluxe sleeping experience due to its plush comfort and high support level. Quality foam materials add to the level of comfort and the life span of the mattress, ensuring years of uninterrupted performance. Its construction is optimized for Enhanced air circulation and contour hugging, making it an excellent choice for people experiencing body pain.

2. Kurl-On Diamond Mattress

  • Features: The high-density coir core embedded with premium foam of the Kurl-On Diamond Mattress gives a supportive sleeping surface yet a comfortable one. This combination guarantees excellent equilibrium between firm support and a gentle, soft cushioning sensation.
  • Advantages: The coir core provides good ventilation and lets the airflow within the mattress, which helps to keep the sleeping area cool and comfortable. The materials assure durability, with the foam layering ensuring that a soft, luxurious feel is achieved, making the sleep quality superior.

3. Peps India Grand Palais Spring Mattress

  • Features: Featuring a sophisticated pocket spring system, the Peps India Grand Palais Spring Mattress is designed to offer unparalleled support and comfort. Each spring operates independently, ensuring tailored support across the entire mattress and reducing motion transfer.
  • Advantages: The individual pocket springs are great for motion isolation, making it an ideal solution for couples. The bed also provides a bouncy sleeping comfort without sacrificing support due to the mix of springs and high-quality foam materials. The use of luxurious materials and a sophisticated spring system assures comfort in addition to the mattress’s longevity.

These best affordable mattresses from Sleepwell, Kurl-On, and Peps India are the best choices for queen-size bed mattresses regarding comfort, support, and quality, as they offer specific solutions to the different demands of the sleeper in need of a spacious and comfortable sleeping place.

Best Mattresses for King Beds

The best king-size mattresses offer unparalleled luxury and space, requiring mattresses that complement their grandeur with exceptional comfort, advanced technology, and superior materials. Here are three premium mattresses designed to elevate the sleep experience in spacious bedrooms.

1. Sleepwell NEXA Mattress

  • Features: The Sleepwell NEXA Mattress is crafted with advanced Sleepwell Nexa® foam technology that contours precisely to the body, offering exceptional pressure relief and support. Integrated with Sleepwell’s Neem Fresche technology, it ensures a hygienic and fresh sleep environment, night after night.
  • Benefits: This mattress provides a perfect blend of comfort and support, enhancing sleep quality by adapting to your body’s unique shape. The added benefit of antimicrobial technology promotes a clean and healthy sleeping space.

2. Kurl-On Luxurino

  • Features: The Kurl-On Luxurino mattress combines luxurious memory foam with individually encased pocket springs, offering a superior sleep experience that is both supportive and plush. Kurlopedic Technology ensures that every part of the mattress conforms to your body, providing targeted support and reducing pressure points.
  • Benefits: Designed to minimize motion transfer, this mattress is ideal for couples, ensuring undisturbed sleep. The memory foam layer enhances comfort by adapting to the body, creating a personalized sleep surface.

3. Springtek Euro Top Luxe Memory Foam Pocket Spring

  • Features: The springs in this mattress are paired with a memory foam Euro top; this combination guarantees the user proper support and the pleasure of sleeping with added comfort. The pocket springs provide great motion isolation, and the memory foam top layer hugs the body for a luxurious feel.
  • Benefits: The Euro Top Luxe is designed for those seeking a balance of support and plush comfort, with the added advantage of a cool and breathable sleep environment thanks to its high-quality fabric cover.

All these budget mattresses online have a set of special features and benefits to offer, and thus, people who want luxury, comfort, and the ultimate sleep experience in their king-sized beds have great choices.

Want to Buy a Custom Mattress?

In the realm of personalized sleep comfort, Sleepwell, Peps India, and Springtek lead the market with their custom-size mattress offerings. These brands have recognized the diverse needs of consumers, providing solutions that cater specifically to individual space requirements.

Whether it’s for an unusual bed frame or a particular room layout, they ensure that customers don’t have to compromise on fit or comfort. Their commitment to accommodating the need for bespoke mattress sizes underscores a shared understanding that a perfect fit is key to enhancing sleep quality, making them trusted names for those seeking a tailor-made sleeping experience.


Finding the best mattress in India now comes with an abundance of choices, catering to every possible need and preference. Whether you’re in the market for a single, double, queen, or king-sized mattress or even require a custom size, brands like Sleepwell and Kurl-On stand ready to deliver.

Each offers a unique blend of comfort, support, durability, and advanced technology, ensuring that your sleep is both restorative and tailored to your personal needs. With the convenience of online shopping, selecting an affordable mattress online has never been easier, promising a night of peaceful sleep and the ultimate in-bedroom luxury.

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