World Economic Forum 2023: India’s Richest Man Gautam Adani Pledges Country’s Largest Tree Plantation

Indias Richest Man Gautam Adani

World Economic Forum 2023: India’s Richest Man Gautam Adani Pledges Country’s Largest Tree Plantation

New Delhi: The Adani Group, the conglomerate led by India’s richest billionaire Gautam Adani, on Monday pledged the country’s largest plantation of trees. As part of India’s announcement to take the lead in its commitment at the Paris COP 21, the group has pledged to plant 10 crore trees by 2030. 

The Adani-led group made the commitment on – World Economic Forum’s (WEF) ‘Trillion Trees Platform’, making it India’s largest tree plantation pledge ever. is a multi-stakeholder platform serving the global movement to conserve, restore and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030, in support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. 

The World Economic Forum began its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland from January 16 and will continue till January 20.

This year’s theme is “Cooperation in a Divided World” which aims to tackle the world’s most vexing issues and promote innovative solutions. 

Adani’s commitment to tree plantation 

“The sheer scale of’s ambition to plant one trillion trees is simply inspiring. It is a reflection of the resilience of humanity and what can be achieved through the collective power of like-minded people who are determined to fight for a cause,” said Adani, a 60-year-old businessman. 

Gautam Adani believes that restoring ecosystems, reversing biodiversity loss and reducing soil erosion are all essential to building a greener world.

In this regard, the billionaire pledged that the Adani Group will plant 10 crore trees by 2030 in the next seven years. 

The move is part of India’s announcement at the Paris COP 21 to take the lead in its commitment to create an additional carbon sink of 2.5-3.0 billion tonnes of CO2, the Adani group chairman added. 

The Trillion Trees Initiative aims to slow the pace of climate change by removing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing much-needed progress towards climate, biodiversity and the SDGs. 

“The global goal of protecting, restoring and growing 1 trillion trees is ambitious but achievable. The Adani Group is at the forefront of this ambition to tackle the climate and nature crisis.

The India platform is growing, with more businesses, ecopreneurs, community groups and youth joining the movement,” ToI quoted Nicole Schwab, director of and nature-based solutions, as saying at the World Economic Forum. 

The Adani Group added that it has already planted 2.9 crore trees, which it pledges to conserve. “The group aims to have 37.10 million mangrove trees by 2030. This includes conservation as well as afforestation,” the group announced in a statement. 

Mangroves protect coastlines, enhance marine biodiversity, provide local livelihoods, prevent saltwater intrusion, provide breeding grounds for fish and other aquatic life, and provide many other benefits.

Apart from this, Gautam Adani’s group has also set a target of terrestrial plantation of 63.08 million trees by 2030. 

These trees will provide benefits in terms of reducing air pollution, providing thermal comfort, recharging groundwater tables and preventing soil erosion.

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