Indrashil University holds its maiden convocation

Indrashil University Convocation

10th February 2022 , Ahmedabad: Indrashil University, a first-of-its-kind university in Gujarat offering courses in Life Sciences with a focus on academic, research and professional development, held its first convocation on Thursday,  with great fervor.

The chief guest at the convocation was an eminent scientist – Padma Shri Prof. Goverdhan Mehta, who is a member in the Russian, UK and German Academy of Sciences.

Indrashil University an initiative by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, covers all the major disciplines of basic sciences and engineering with a focus remaining on the study of Life Sciences all along.

The university also provides industrial training through well-planned and charted programs that enable students to interact and get acquainted with industry professionals while understanding the workings of the industrial environment in the real sense.

The study of various fields in the subject of sciences along with engineering, hospital management and environment, health & safety are covered through various programs offered at the university.

Project assignments are in-line with the industry and its workings enabling students to develop a more practical application of their learning from the classroom and become industry ready post completion of their studies.

Shri Maheswar Sahu, (Retd.  IAS) Chairman- Board of Management, Indrashil University, addressed the convocation and read the message on behalf of the President- Dr. Rajiv I. Modi to the graduating students.

Dr. Rajiv Modi conveyed his wishes to the students and stated that while focusing on the golden trio of research, academia, and industry, IU aims to build ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT in its purest form.

In the present era, it is imperative to restructure higher education and remain relevant through constant updates in the syllabus structure and the inclusion of value-added training.

IU is catering to the needs of regional students to scale up their knowledge and skills with a global competitive edge.

Further, in the address of Vice-Chancellor- Dr. JS Yadav, a towering scientist in Organic Chemistry presented the institute’s academic excellence, achievements and futuristic approach through University’s annual report. 

In a short span of three years, IU is emerging robustly in Gujarat as one of the leading life sciences university with significant contribution in research and innovation.

Prof. Goverdhan Mehta, congratulating the graduating students, said in his address to “always strive to their potential and live to their aspirations.

Try to strike balance between ‘what you are’, ‘what you want to be’ and ‘what you should be’. He opined education as an essential enabler to navigate life’s journey and a gateway to a productive and wholesome life.

He emphasized significance of three attributes that our brain should be sensitive towards, Humanism, humility, and empathy.

Recalling contribution of founder chairman Shri Indravadan Modi in the pharmaceutical industry, he urged students to take inspiration from him and live up to the ideology of education as a tool to serve humankind.”

A total of 296 graduates students were conferred degrees and 14 students were presented with medals and rank certificates at the convocation. The graduating students also took a convocation pledge. The convocation concluded with the playing of the national anthem.

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